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The Pre-Season Has Begun

12 Jul

They’re baaaaack! And I guess that means that I am too. I have a lot to catch up on after my break. I’ll do a big round up of the comings and goings hopefully in the next few days. So onward to see what’s up with our boys… Continue reading

Ready To Meet Valencia

21 Feb

_3am9484thumbTomorrow we finally meet up with Valencia in the Liga match that had to be rescheduled due to the Club World Cup. Continue reading

Arrival At The Bernabeu & Starting XI

15 Feb

Okay, here we go! Continue reading

Off To Rome!

16 Feb

¡Despegamos! Destino Roma./ Taking off! Destination: Rome. #UCL #HalaMadrid

A photo posted by Sergio Ramos (@sr4oficial) on

I see Ol’ Bad Touch Ramos is at it again! Bless. Team Show Me On The Doll traveled to Rome today and since I just got home from work less than an hour ago, this is going to be one major drive by post. Mea culpa. Continue reading

Behind The Scenes Goodies, A New Romance & Promos

23 May

There were quite of few video goodies that Real Madrid gifted us with. First up is leaving for the airport. Continue reading

Arrival In Munich & More

28 Apr

3The team, along with The ‘Peez, arrived in Munich earlier today. Continue reading

Arrival In Germany And Perhaps It’s Time To Ban The Beanie

25 Feb
Oh Cris. SMH.

Oh Cris. SMH.

Sigh. I don’t know what to say. Benz is also rocking a beanie. It’s a damn shame, because he looks so fine in that suit.  I think it’s time for the beanie to go the way of the snood. Maybe we can get The Powers That Be to declare beanies dangerous and therefore unacceptable (especially when worn with a suit). A girl can dream. I’ve got no problem (okay, maybe a little one) with them as casual wear but please, not with a Versace suit.  Continue reading

And…They’ve Arrived!

1 Jan

347-929-_HEL9991Thumb,8Took me so long to get the other post up (researching Sergio’s shirts, because C‘MON!) that the team has already arrived in Doha. They’ll be concentrated in the Torch Hotel until match time tomorrow. Continue reading

Dressed Up, Dressed Down

9 Dec

404-773-_1AM3457Thumb,22For every person looking smart and sharp in their official suit, someone always has to ruin it. And I’m looking at you, Karim Benzema. Continue reading

Playing Catch Up: Real Madrid Arrive & Train In St. Louis

9 Aug
Llegada_a_Saint_Louis (3)

Ooof, The Baby is rocking the Xabi classic cool pose.

The only crappy thing about taking a night off is that it means I have even more to catch up on (and I was already a couple of days behind on stuff).  However, not a lot of time to do that tonight, so expect some big posts over the weekend.

The team arrived last night in St. Louis after a short flight. They’re currently holed up at the Ritz Carlton.  Continue reading