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The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Ashley Cole

28 Apr

ashley-cole-inset-picWatishista la-la posed this question “I’m wondering if Ashley Cole counts as a guilty pleasure; for sure he’s a beautiful man, but does his (alleged?) terrible sexual morals and twattish behavior (‘I nearly crashed my car’ etc) make him unattractive?” I reassured her that it’s okay to confess love for a douchebag during Drool Amnesty. Chiming in was watishista Jenny (“Send him to a doctor for an STD test and it should be fine.“).

Bits & Bobs: He’s Just Sergi From The Block, Top Gun, Bad Dog!, And More…

8 Oct

Don’t be fooled by the tablecloth scarves that he’s got, he’s still Sergi from the block.  Here’s Sese with the surprisingly (to me) itty bitty JLo, who is reppin’ Madrid. Continue reading