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Going Back To Cali (And That Hair? I Don’t Think So)

21 Jul

Satellite (1)The team, joined by Xabi & Pepe, had their last training session before packing their headbands, Louis Vuitton washbags, murses and attendant Euro essentials (hair gel, Gucci belt buckles, etc.) and heading off to Los Angeles. Continue reading

Two Weddings & A Baby

3 Jun

10375834_642491729170346_216058751_nLove was in the air this weekend when Nacho married his girlfriend Maria Cortes. Many of our players (present and past) were on hand for the ceremony with their ladies. Illara, Morata, Isco, Dani Carvajal, Jesus Fernandez, Arbeloa, Joselu & brother of the groom Alex. Continue reading

Adidas Battle Pack Launch

21 May

331056Angel, Morata, Illara, Arbie & G-Money gathered together yesterday to promote the launch the new Adidas Battle Pack boots. Interviews and photos after the jump. Continue reading

Adios La Liga, Until Next Year

19 May

Adios to bromantic gestures like this one too? Say it ain’t so! The bromances are pretty much all I’m going to miss about La Liga for a while, especially after our last couple performances. It’ll be nice not having to stress over & calculate points/positions for a while, won’t it? Thank you boys for finishing off on a good note, with a WIN! Continue reading

Oh, La Liga *Sigh*

9 May

Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos reacts after missing a opportunity to score against Valladolid during their Spanish First Division soccer match at Zorrilla Stadium in Valladolid

Is it possible to be a hopeful and ever supportive fan while still hating all the “it’s still mathematically possible” talk? I actually wish it weren’t mathematically possible so we could focus 100% on the Champions League final. I want that. So can we just get all Queen Elsa on this bitch of a La Liga title race and LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOO?

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Well…It’s Still Mathematically Possible

6 May
Embed from Getty Images

Luckily, roadtripping prevented me from catching this match, so I was spared the heart attack but not the heartache. An Atletico loss is just what we needed and we failed to take advantage. Thanks to the spectacular, last minute goal from Cristiano, we came away with a point instead of none. $#@!$@!%#&! I want off this crazy La Liga roller coaster, my emotions can’t deal!

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Goal-fest Against Osasuna

28 Apr
Embed from Getty Images

Saturday’s performance against Osasuna better have been a preview of what we’re going to see tomorrow! Heavy on the goals, that’s the kinda thing we like (and need) ’round here!!

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One Goal Closer

25 Apr
Embed from Getty Images

GAHHH! One nerve wracking semifinal match down, one more to go….except next week, the nerves and emotions will be even crazier! You’ve got to give it up for our boys though, they didn’t score as much as they could have, but they held Bayern well and prevented them from getting any precious away goals. Hey defense, can you say “On FIYAH“??

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Final Whistle Means Party Time a.k.a Drunk Xabi Time

19 Apr

I love that once the title is secured, we know exactly what to expect next….locker room dancing, heavily gif’d shenanigans (bless the giffers!), and DRUNK XABI. A win just wouldn’t be the same without the latter!

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We’re Number Two! We’re Number Two!

13 Apr
Embed from Getty Images

Goals and points, baby, goals and points. These guys went up against Almeria knowing that Barca had just slipped up and we had the opportunity to skip right past them….which we did! We’ve one upped them by one point, but hey we’re nearing the end and one point can mean all the difference. Now we just need Atleti to slip up. The more times the better!

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