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2015 WWC: From Red Dirt to the Women’s World Cup

3 Jul

2111This is such a great story about Lydia Williams, goalkeeper with the Matildas. I’m not sure what made me smile more, that she had a pet wallaby and kangaroo growing up or that her 95-year-old grandfather uses Skype. Actually, it may be that the article author Pete Smith refers to her as having Inspector Gadget-like reach. “Go, go gadget arms!” Continue reading

FIFA16 Cover Vote

2 Jul

779030-59e279e6-13eb-11e5-97cb-591a1d9825c0EA Sports is currently running a contest to determine which player will be on the cover of FIFA16 in Australia, France, Latin America, Mexico, and the UK. Interestingly, the Australian candidates are all members of the Australian Women’s National Team: Kyah Simon, Steph Cateley, and Katrina Gorry. That’s right, female footballers are the only players in the running for Australia. All the nominees for the other countries are, unsurprisingly, male.

What is also interesting about these three female nominees is that they are only 24, 21, and 22 years old respectively. They’re just babies! What an honour to be considered for such an item so early in your career.

Voting ends July 5 for all the regions, with the winners and covered revealed on July 8.

– hopechaser

2015 WWC: Heartbreak in the Heat for the Matildas; Japan’s goal at the death sends Australia home

30 Jun

3467The 21st meeting of the Australians and Japanese occurred on a steamy hot day in Edmonton. While neither team complained about the heat and the turf, it was reported to be 82 degrees but the turf was measuring 150F. CRAZY! Continue reading

2015 WWC Round Of 16: The Matildas Send Brazil Home in a 1-0 win in Moncton

27 Jun

5184While most folks would call this an upset, this tweet (which I admit, I watched over a zillion times) gives the Australian perspective. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: 2015 WWC Group D: Australia’s Michelle Heyman

21 Jun

Michelle HEYMAN1Striker Michelle plays for Canberra United. She has represented Australia at the senior level since 2010. She has an awesome elephant tattoo that I love.

2015 WWC: The Matildas Move On – Australia 1-1 Sweden

20 Jun

6d8fadbaebfa43bfff67d35be28b5df2The Australian Matlidas may not have waltzed into the Round of 16 but they showed they are a force to be reckoned with. Group D had some crazy stuff in the opening matches. Trash talk by Pia Sundhage and a nameless Aussie website writer. (not vs. each other, by the way) Edwin Okon’s bizarre press conferences. A three match ban for a Nigerian player for the nasty elbow to Sam Kerr’s face. Who is coming off injury? Who is looking for redemption? Drama, drama everywhere you look! To be fair, some of the drama off the pitch was more riveting than the stuff on the pitch. The Group of Death was more like the Group of Drama. Continue reading

2015 WWC – Group D: Australia 2 – Nigeria 0

18 Jun

n1A super steamy day in Winnipeg saw the Matildas of Australia face the Super Falcons from Nigeria in their first ever meeting. Turf issues were bound to be an issue as the commentators said that there was a twenty degree difference between the sunny and shady sides of the pitch. The Nigerians seemed in good form, as they sang their way through the tunnel and into the pitch. Continue reading

2015 WWC Group D: United States 3 – 1 Australia

10 Jun

The match kicked off on Monday, June 8 at Investors Group Field (Winnipeg Stadium), Winnipeg. Continue reading

2015 Women’s World Cup: Group D Contenders

2 Jun

052015-soccer-Group-D-split-pi-mp.vadapt.955.high.0Group D is the Group of Death. USA. Australia. Sweden. Nigeria. I would not be the least bit surprised if this group came down to final moments of the last group match. I kinda expect it to be this dramatic. If a major upset is going to happen in the group stage, this is where it is likely going to happen. Continue reading

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love Ya, Tomorrow! (And Other News Of Importance)

10 Jul

Ah, yes! Tomorrow starts the pre-season and I, for one, can’t wait. The above shot is from last year’s preseason at UCLA. Anyhow, the guys will be reporting at 9 AM sharp for their medical exams and then at 11:30 AM, they’re off to Los Angeles. I’m so excited! I can’t believe that I’ll be seeing them in less than two weeks! Whooooo!
Continue reading