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Hella Creepy Yet Somehow Mesmerizing

9 Apr

Nuri Sahin apparently needs a moment alone with his new Nike boots. GET A ROOM! #Awkward

– Lozil

Someone Didn’t Get The Memo

19 Feb

DaniWhat we have above is a well executed pre-match encouragement hug between Dani & Zizou. In fact, Double Zed hugged all his players, but one (hilariously) did not get the memo and the reaction was priceless. Continue reading

That Awkward Moment…

17 Nov

lara…when you have to announce that your ex-boyfriend has knocked up the woman he started dating after you as a part of your job. That “smile” on Lara’s face could better be described as a ‘rictus’. As for the finger crossing, I have no clue why she’s doing that, but I’d like to think she’s just like us and crossin’ em’ in the hopes that the baby clothes are going to be as out of control as we imagine.

– Lozil