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Mazel Tov: Welcome Baby Boy Albiol

24 Jul

f48216c4f44811e29d3822000a1f90e8_7 (1)Well, he’s here! Mami Alicia posted a picture this morning. However, no name, birth date or vital stats as of yet. Guess papi’s transfer has overshadowed everything as far as the media is concerned. I’m so happy for Raul, Alicia, Azahara, Alma and the new baby. They sure do have a lot going on right now – A newborn, moving to another country… it’s going to be a bit hectic for awhile.

Welcome little one! I look forward to finding out more about you.

– Lozil

Keep Calm and Coo at a Baby

17 May

baby albiolLook at Alicia Roig keeping up with Carlota Ruiz! She’s one upped her & posted a pic of her unborn bebe. Look at those cheeksies! Can y’all just imagine the moment when this bebe’s birth is announced and it’s revealed that his name is ALVARO?? Ooh, my heart flips just at the thought!