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Grandmama’s Boy: A First Glimpse At Sergio Ramos Rubio

5 Jun

tumblr_n6n89lzuzu1tb18sxo7_1280So while papi is in the US, My Littler Pony was out for a constitutional with his mami and abuela Paqui. And FINALLY, we got a quick glimpse of him. Not much, but it’s something that shows us that he’s more than just a bundle of blankets that people gaze lovingly at. Continue reading

Baby Ramos Is On The Way

6 May

Bm85XrXCcAAM1K6The baby is on the way! (And may have even arrived – I’m playing catch up). Pilar checked into Sanitas La Moraleja de Madrid this morning. Sergio went to training but left early to head back to the hospital. Sorry I couldn’t get this up sooner, but I’ve been at the hospital myself since early this morning getting tests done (no, not having Sergio Ramos’ baby, because Maisougio would KILL me!). Hopefully we’ll have some good news soon. Bring on the sequined onesies!

– Lozil

Father’s Day in Madrid!

19 Mar


The best father/son duo in Madrid? I think that’s a title Marcelo & Enzo could easily nab. As it was Father’s Day in Spain today, many of our boys took to social media to express some major squee-inducing, heartfelt, papa & kiddo action. Some of the Papas were celebrating Father’s Day for the first time and some were celebrating as soon to be papas, but all of them equally adorable!

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