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Bebe Cristiano At Sporting Lisbon

9 Jan

Check out this footage of a 16 year old Cristiano at Sporting Lisbon! The future Gucci King is so skinny (and fast!) but he’s still Cristiano. Look at him go…

– Lozil

Xavi Retires From International Football – Groundskeepers Rejoice

5 Aug

Xavi+Hernandez+Spain+v+Turkey+FIFA2010+World+HSVKohiYjaFlThat means no more complaining about pitch conditions, much to the relief of groundskeepers worldwide! (I’ll take any excuse to revisit the brilliant Storybook Xavi). Continue reading

He Hasn’t Changed A Bit

19 Jul

10560966_797211746986199_147552608_nWell, except for the hair. But other than that, it’s easy to identify Karim Benzema. He’s even got a wild hued/patterned shirt on.  (It starts early, apparently) Too fabulous. Let’s hope Melia gets Chloe’s brows, though.

Mami, Papi & baby were in Ibiza on vacation this week. Continue reading

Father’s Day in Madrid!

19 Mar


The best father/son duo in Madrid? I think that’s a title Marcelo & Enzo could easily nab. As it was Father’s Day in Spain today, many of our boys took to social media to express some major squee-inducing, heartfelt, papa & kiddo action. Some of the Papas were celebrating Father’s Day for the first time and some were celebrating as soon to be papas, but all of them equally adorable!

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Bitsy Bobsy Part III

22 Sep

BUt3f45CEAAkWDbOnward! Time for some more bebes. Here’s Enzo and mami Romina. She shared a few more piccies of him recently. Continue reading

Just Kids

5 Sep

BTWPrJqIMAAVm-eSilva posted this adorable shot with Albiol from “the good old days” in Valencia for Chori’s birthday. He said that he’s been lucky to know him since they were 14 years old and they’re still great friends. I thought it was incredibly sweet. I love Raul’s big goofy smile.

– Lozil

Bits & Bobs: Iker For Philips, Bebes, Bromantic Animals, Suits & The Many Moods Of The Ox

27 Sep

Philips posted a bunch of pictures of Iker at some sort of event and oh man, people, just hire a professional photographer if you’re doing something that’s going to be up on your Facebook page touting your company. The angles, the red eye, (or worse, zombie eyes) etc. are just painful. But here you go anyway…

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Vintage Chori

8 Jun

How adorable is he?? He looks like a little nerd but still a cutie patootie! Doesn’t he look so much like bebe Azahara? Continue reading