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UPDATED: It’s Official: Douchebag Fans To Face The Music

23 Mar

real_madrid_logoWell that was quick (and smart)! I’d barely calmed down from my rant and Real Madrid has already identified the fans who went apeshit on G-Money, Jese  & Sergio and are taking action.  Continue reading


23 Mar

This is bullshit. Fans attacked Bale’s and Jese’s cars when the players returned home last night. They also screamed abuse. I can’t believe Sergio even entertained their bullshit (I know, he was trying to smooth the waters, but give these people an inch and they’ll take a mile). Continue reading

Total Douche Move Of The Day: Avenida De Iker Casillas Plaque Defaced

22 Apr

Watishista cy found this on fatridista’s Tumblr. Many of you will remember when Iker had a street named for him in his hometown of Mostoles back in January 2012. Well, now some total arsehole decided to make their thoughts on the Iker/DLo issue well known. Continue reading


6 May


Stadium turned war zone, this riot caused by some FC Koln fans is absolutely terrifying! Remind me to never go to a match where a team is facing relegation, because that’s what was up yesterday. Koln was losing to Bayern Munich, 1-4, and had to be ended early because of fans going mad in the final minutes – setting off flares and storming the pitch. Seeing police officers backing up from a crowd is never a good sign, and those fans sticking around to watch the scene? Let me tell you, if I was there, my ass would’ve been up & out of there so damn fast! After all the incidents we’ve seen in football stadiums, I’ll never understand how people can continue to put so many others in danger over the dumbest shit. When will they fucking learn? Continue reading