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Welcome To The World Cloe Carvalho Alves!

15 Feb

El día mas feliz de mi vida 🌟👶 #Cloe ❤️

A photo posted by Caio Alves #12 💰🔫 Cloe 👶✨ (@caio_alves12) on

Ah! I’m so happy! The lovely Yasmin Carvalho & Caio Alves welcomed their daughter a few days ago. I know many of us having been hoping that Marcelo & Clarice would have another sunshiny baby like Enzo, but this is pretty darn close. Enzo has a cousin! I can’t wait to see him with her. It will be the height of adorable. More pictures of the happy family, sweet little woobins, Tio Marcelo & Tia Clarice after the jump. Continue reading

Melia Benzema: Daddy’s Girl

13 Feb

Just Remember Daddy loves you !! #K

A photo posted by Karim Benzema (@karimbenzema) on

Watishista mygypsyspirit woke me up this morning by sending me this picture. Once I finished squealing, our conversation went like this: Continue reading

Guy Smiley Still Smiling and Singing with Salome

4 Feb

Post-Puskas prize procurement, FIFA caught up with my 2nd favourite Colombian dance machine for a little puff piece interview. Continue reading

Slowly But Surely…

31 Jan

Creo que nuestro baby va para dentista. He might be a dentist in the future…#sergioramosrubio #love #baby #sr #smile

A photo posted by Pilar Rubio (@pilarrubio_oficial) on

…we’re seeing a bit more of the illusive woobins. Now that we’ve seen Sergio Jr. sitting up and the back of his head, could a profile shot be next? I was starting to wonder if the kid still existed!It’s been ages since we’ve seen a sign of him. But today when his papi scored, he kissed the tattoo of Jr.’s name and now Pilar posts this a couple of hours ago. So I’m thinking a full reveal isn’t that far off. Taking bets it’ll be Mother’s Day, his first birthday or perhaps on Sergio Sr. or Pilar’s birthday maybe? Hmmmm….what do you think?

– Lozil

Welcome To The World Sasha Pique Mebarak!

30 Jan
Courtesy: Jaume de la Iguana/UNICEF

Courtesy: Jaume de la Iguana/UNICEF

Shakira gave birth to her second son with Pique last night in Barcelona. Sasha Pique Mebarak joins his two year old big brother Milan. Congrats to the happy family!

– Lozil

Welcome To The World, Sira Reina Ruiz!

15 Jan

The Reina Ruiz 5-a-side team is complete! Yolanda & Pepe’s newest daughter was born today and is already snuggling with older siblings Alma, Grecia, Luca and Thiago. Thanks to watishista hopechaser for the heads up!

At some point in the future, they’ll have to take on the Gonzalez Sanz kids in a match!

– Lozil

His Papi Is Not The Only Superman In The House!

14 Jan

tumblr_ni6qwyNPVD1u2aj76o1_1280The adorable Cris Jr. crashed his father’s exclusive interview with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and couldn’t have looked more adorable doing it. Continue reading


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