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Melia & Daddy

22 May

Mon amoureuse…

A photo posted by Karim Benzema (@karimbenzema) on

Karim melted my heart yesterday with this sweet picture of him cuddling with his little girl. What a change she seems to have made in his life – look at all that furniture! Bless.

I think I need to do a massive baby pic spam. There’s so many cute woobinses and I haven’t had time to do one is so long. Hopefully I can fit that in this weekend.

– Lozil

Second Training Of The Week & A Tiny Adorable Visitor

20 May

Satellite (13)The team continued to train for Getafe match on Saturday. Sergio, Sami, Lukita, Cris & Karim worked out inside. Continue reading

Of Cristianos & Crunches

16 May

Papa and Jr. did their crunches together and it was absolutely adorable.

– Lozil

Welcome To The World Alejandra Fernandez Cortes!

13 May

Fotito con mi huevo kinder !!! Cuenta atrás ❤👶A.

A photo posted by Nacho Fernandez Iglesias (@nachofdez90) on

Nacho and Maria welcomed their first born Alejandra today. Here’s the adorable couple a few weeks ago as they prepared for her birth. Pictures of the proud new papi with his baby girl after the jump! Continue reading

Marcelo & Clarice Are Expecting!

5 May
Clarice and family

Clarice, Yasmin, Caio, Enzo, Clarice & Caio’s mami, Cloe

Oh happy day! Best. News. Ever. After gifting us with the world’s happiest kid, Marcelo and Clarice are about to do it again.  Enzo will have a sibling and we’ll all die from the adorable, no doubt. Fingers crossed for a girl. I can see big brother Enzo absolutely adoring a little sister and doting on her along with tiny cousin Cloe. I AM SO DELIGHTED! And this news coming to light on the day of the match vs. Juve seems like a good omen.

So many babies on the horizon. Marta & Nacho are due any day, Toni & Jessica are preggers and obviously, Sergio & Pilar.


– Lozil

Sergio Jr. Finally Makes An Appearance To Announce His Sibling On The Way

4 May

I had a feeling that they would wait until the woobins was one and then have a grand unveiling. And they upped the ante with the added surprise that Pilar is preggers again. Well played, Ramos Rubio clan. Mazel tov!

– Lozil

Updated: Welcome To The World Bianca Lopez Otero!

24 Apr

Os presentamos a Bianca Lopez Otero!! Tanto ella como yo estamos de maravilla 😍 23-4-2015

A photo posted by Iria Otero (@iriaot) on

I conked out before I could post this last night. The newest member of the Lopez Otero family arrived yesterday. And it’s another girl! When I told Shigs that Iria was preggers a few months ago, she clapped her hands in delight and gleefully said “BONNETS!”   Continue reading


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