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Updated: Get Dirtyyyy With Becks

2 Feb

Warning: You will squirm when Becks smashes a raw egg on his head. Not the perfectly coiffed hair, please no!! It really was painful to watch the yolk splash through his gorgeous do, but the man’s got a foineness that can’t be diminished by anything! His giggling is pretty freaking adorable too. After the jump, check out his interview with Jimmy Fallon, where they flash their undies at each other and Becks shares a cute story about Romeo. Hot daddies FTW!

Updated: I fixed the video – Lozil


David & Brooklyn Beckham Take In A Laker Game

6 Apr

I love how close David seems to be with his kids and also, how affectionate. It’s awesome that Brooklyn is 13 now (how time flies!) and doesn’t object when his dad lays a big old smackeroo on him in public. Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Like A Good Woobins or Two?

27 Mar

I found lots of pictures of woobinses today. One of our faves, Harper Seven Beckham, was out looking as fabulous and cheek-a-licious as ever with her hot papa, big brothers and sleek maman. Continue reading

Harper Seven – A 10 on the bebe cuteness scale

9 Sep

Watch it mama! No pulling a Mou on the bebe! And Brooklyn's debut Emo album? To be titled Harper, containing 7 tracks.

Oh am I a sucker for babies with Michelin Man bodies, those little arms are definitely bite worthy!! Before VB & bebe Harper left for Fashion Week in NY, they hit up The Grove in LA for some shopping with the big brothers in tow. Check out these pics from fywags. Continue reading