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Well, At Least He Shaved The Brown Beard Off..

29 Jul

1006012_633473293353019_1972320882_nSorry for being so late. I just got home from work a little while ago. The good news is the Sergio shaved off his mismatched beard. The bad news? He’s still looking like Draco Malfoy. He shared this shot with the caption “First training in LA. Here a great picture with my new look and boots. Go!!!” Sigh.   Continue reading

Saturday Night Bits & Bobs

28 Jul

420a6de6f3af11e2a92822000aeb0d34_7It’s been a hectic day, not in the least because I had to buy a new computer. Always so stressful getting things set up. So I wanted to try to fit in a quick bits & bobs post before the end of the day. Not sure I’ll actually make that, but here we go! Let’s start with our boy Enzo and his first boots (according to his mami!) Aw! Continue reading

Catching Up With France, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil And More

6 Sep

Karim got his chesticles workin’ in that jersey while posing for a picture with Les Bleus. Jellyace, remind me – didn’t we name them? I could swear I dubbed them “Asterix and Obelix” at one point.  Anyhow, here’s some Karim action. Continue reading

Updated: Travel To Las Vegas,Signing For The Fans, Cris Makes a Special Fan’s Day And Training Leftovers

5 Aug

Gee, Kaka, thanks a lot for getting between the Double As! They need as much together time as possible. You should have put yourself between Albiolita. Work on that, wouldya?

The team took the short (less than an hour) flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and checked into the Four Seasons hotel. Continue reading

Final Training Before Santos Laguna

5 Aug

Real Madrid faces Santos Laguna tonight at 11 PM Eastern (ugh, I’m gonna be so tired tomorrow). The boys had their last training before the match. Hopefully, we’ll get some travel pictures later. Continue reading

Leftover Sunday Training Pics

16 Apr

Such an adorable Benzil moment!

Realmadrid.com has a habit of putting up pictures and then adding more later. Usually after I’ve already made a damn post like I did on Sunday. I went back to look at something and discovered 11 more shots that I hadn’t seen yesterday. Grrrr! Anyone, there are some great shots including more Arbeloita, Benz and PrettyPonytail!Sergio. What’s going on with Albiol now?! Who does he hang out with? Continue reading


20 Feb

I just rolled my arse out of bed after pulling another school related all-nighter and found a message from watishista Elisha waiting for me. Thank you so much girl! You have brought tidings of the end of our long communal nightmare. The bromance is back! Continue reading