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In Case You Were Wondering What Jese Was Up To…

21 Jun


::snort:: It’s much as you would imagine but at this point he’s out Ramosed The Ramos!

What is that outfit even? He looks like he’s crash landed in some sort of version of Baller Bad Fashion Heaven (which apparently is located in Versailles).  From the waist down, it  is straight up extraneous zippers ahoy! Apparently there is a DSquared store in heaven…  And from the neckline up, it’s so damn 70s that I almost can’t cope.  He seems to be channeling a very nervous undercover Rhoda Morgenstern  being a wallflower at the high school dance if,  you know, Rhoda had a beard and some bitchin’ shades. Wow. Somewhere The Ramos and Guti are shook.

Oh, but there is more… Continue reading

New Jey M Video

15 Jul

So the new Jey M video is out, long after the Yo Sabia single was released and it…well, let’s just say it needs more chiffon. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jese!

26 Feb

VENEZUELA--Jes-eacute--inicia-su-carrera-musical-en-solitario-como--Jey-M-Our purveyor of all things reggaeton and da club turns 23 today – how can he only be 23?! Feliz cumpleaños Jese, erm, I mean Jey M. Celebrate his birth by revisiting the immortal La Mano Arriba (“Con Mennnnnnnnnnndez!”) and all our Big Flow/Jey M related posts

Wilkommen Blancos!

17 Feb

Satellite (4)Watishista mygypsyspirit texted me this morning asking “Why is Kroos in a hat so funny?” I couldn’t tell you why, but I get where she’s coming from. I really do.

The team flew to Dusseldorf today and then continued on to Essen where they are making Atlantic Congress Hotel their base of operations. Continue reading

Jese: (Big) Flow No!

15 Dec

2487507_full-lndMan, I thought Jese was breaking my heart when he was injured. Little did I know what was in store. Gird your loins, Big Flow fans and read on… Continue reading

Prepping For Liverpool

20 Oct
And they wonder why we're called Team Pretty.

And they wonder why we’re called Team Pretty…pfft!

Sheesh! I’m home super late from work so I have to make this a very quick post to get it in before midnight. The team had a recovery session on Sunday and today, had their final training before they travel to England. Continue reading

Some Social Media Distraction

1 Oct

This is a fly-by post, as there’s so much to update that I don’t think I can back track that far. I’m also taking a break from writing a paper on Norse mythology while my roommate plays Destiny. He’s killing aliens and I’m writing about Thor. This really is Avenger Tower… Continue reading

Sing Along With Big Flow

30 Jul

I swear that Big Flow knows when I’m having a crap day. The link to this just popped into my inbox and suddenly I’m cackling with glee.  It’s the European remix of Dile by La Nueva Escuela Featuring Big Flow. Continue reading

The Pre-Season Has Officially Begun, Headband Ahoy!, Pre-Season Schedule And Someone Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

14 Jul

7They’re back! Well, some of them are. Illarra, Morata, Isco, DLo,Carvajal, Jesús, Nacho, Bale, Casemiro and Arbeloa, to be exact. The arrived for their pre-season medicals and first training. Continue reading

Big Whoa

26 Jun

Bq-cY3FIgAAxalSHis knee might not be all healed but his back looks just fiiiiine. Jese has been continuing his recovery over the summer and also having some fun. Continue reading