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Everybody’s A Model These Days

27 May

Ronaldo_5_small-449x675Let’s start with Cris (and Cris Jr!). He’s the new brand ambassador for Tag Heuer watches. The company kindly treated us to some great pictures and a Behind the Scenes video chock full of Junior. Continue reading

Hello Sailors: Big Flow Take To The High Seas

25 May

In all the La Decima excitement, how could we possibly forget Big Flow’s new single dropped? Welcome to La Ocasion by Big Flow featuring Daviel and Hector El Isleño. And that teaser did not do it justice – it’s not a “in da studio” video, it’s more a “mamis on the high seas” spectacular. Big Flow arrive in a Hummer (OF COURSE THEY DO!) and it’s all straight up video tropes from there on in. Bless.

– Lozil

Go With The (Big) Flow

19 May

BoCNW9dCYAE32HPThey’re baaaaaack! Get ready for Friday when the new Big Flow single “La Ocasión” drops. What did we do to deserve such joy so soon after “La Mano Arriba?” And bless them, they gave us another trailer to prime us. Continue reading

Friday Training, A Bit O’ Jese & San Woobins

2 May

10299850_734938526529666_1064431761_nApologies, just a warning, but I may not be around much over the next few days. I’m having some health issues and I’m in no small amount of pain so I’m probably (hoping) that I can spend the bulk of the weekend resting and hopped up on pain meds. Fingers crossed! Anyhow, my aches and pains aside, let’s get to it. Continue reading

Big Flow-tastic

26 Mar

Greetings from the Ancestral Land of Xabis where watishista mygypsyspirit and I have managed not to be swept out to sea in the frequent torrential rain/hail storms. The pinxtos are great, the men even better and we’ll let you know about the football tomorrow. What was NOT good is watching RM lose tonight. Seriously bummed us out. But thanks to Jese & Big Flow (with cameos from Derik & Omar), we had something to make us smile (a wee bit) again. You also REALLY need to see the gifs from the video created by watishista pinpanpam because they are epic.

And now, to bed. I’ve got a long awaited lunch date with one of the gods of Basque gastronomy tomorrow and a footy match at night.

– Lozil

What Is The Sound Of One Hand Upping? Answer: Big Flow

18 Mar

Are you ready for some Big Flow? And let’s be honest, who isn’t?  It’s release day for Big Flow’s latest single La mano arriba! Song after the jump. Continue reading

Updated: Oh No, It’s Big Flow!

12 Mar

As you can see, we’ve got some more Big Flow to look forward to. Jese appears in this teaser clip for the upcoming collaboration with Big Flow, Henry Mendez and Daviel. Continue reading