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Recovery & A Big Ol’ Bitchface From Isco

16 Mar

Satellite (6)I don’t know about you, but I’m breathing slightly easier today. We won. No serious injuries. A GBale brace. It’s a good start. I won’t exhale until El Clasico is over though.  Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Tomáš Sivok

16 Feb

Tomáš SivokCenter back/defensive midfielder Tomáš has played for Beşiktaş since 2008. He has represented the Czech Republic at the U21 and senior levels. I do so love  a good bitchface, don’t you? Tomáš is serving it hot!

Cristiano Launches His Second Underwear Collection

14 Aug

Rankin practices his best Villa next to a smiling Cris

Keeping on a clothing theme (or a ‘taking off clothing’ theme, as it were), I’ve been meaning to get this post on Cristiano’s latest underwear collection up for almost 2 weeks. It’s a good idea I waited because now it comes with extra added video! Continue reading

The Mists of Babe-Alon And More

10 Jan

Entrenamiento (6)Okay, the weather HAS to clear up in Madrid. I’m running out of fog and mist related puns. Sergio may be sending Mesut and us a saucy wink (C’mon you guys, we can SEE what you’re doing! You might want to be more discreet!) but he’s definitely not smiling about the verdict on his sending off yesterday. He’s been suspended for 5 games, 2  Copa Del Rey (vs Valencia) & 3 La Liga (vs Osasuna, Valencia & Getafe). 1 game was for the red card, the other 4 were for mouthing off to the referee. He took to Twitter today to make some protesting comments. It might be best to zip his lip so he doesn’t get further sanctions. Just sayin’.  Continue reading

More Training Photos

30 Dec

Entrenamiento (5)Check out this gorgeous shot of Sergio from today’s training. Just fantastic. Real Madrid released some more photos from the training and some others popped up on line, including video. Continue reading

Baby Bitchface and Big Boy Bitchface

9 Apr

Harper Seven Beckham,  her uber chubby cheeks and fat little nummy baby legs gave some good bitchface this Easter weekend.  Showing the adult equivalent was the master, Nando during Chelsea’s match with Fulham today. Continue reading

Thank God THAT’S Over!

3 May

Iker was a ROCK STAR today!

I am so fucking Clasico-ed out, you have no idea. Actually, I’m thinking you do. More than anything else, today brought a welcome sense of relief from what has been an absolutely tense and miserable 18 days. I’m glad it’s over. Well, until have to play Barca twice in August. Supercopa, here we come. Ugh. Anyhow, I’ll happily take a few months off from this nonsense and I hope that by the time June 4th rolls around, I’ll be able to see a somewhat reconciled La Roja play at Foxboro.

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The Daily Drool: Tim Howard

18 Apr

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve all seen these pictures before but is it really tortuous to gaze at the perfection of Tim Howard again? I didn’t think so. I could look at this man naked till the cows came home plus he bitchfaces like a Villa! Wa-tishistas! Shiggers and Suzanne are Tim lovers, so this one’s for you, ladies. Oh yeah and how about this one? Makes you gasp out loud, doesn’t it?

Both of these shots are from ESPN magazine, god bless their pervy little souls. In case you don’t know or you’ve just lost functioning brain cells after looking at naked Tim, he’s the goal keeper for the US National Team and Everton in the EPL. USA! USA! USA! USA!

Spain Wins, Germany Loses, France Draws

29 Mar

This is going to be, oh so very brief, because I’m tired and kinda grumpy. Now, I know, that’s not very bloggerly of me but it is what it is.

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Euro 2012 Qualifier: Spain vs. Czech Republic

26 Mar

King Bitchface gets a brace and saves the day!

Can I be honest? That first half was certainly nothing to write home about and we were hardly cohesive. I missed the first 35 minutes (but watched it this morning) because I was commuting home from work . As soon as I came up out of the subway, a text beeped on my Blackberry. It was from Shiggers and said simply “F**k!”  So I immediately checked the score (yes, there’s an app for that) and replied “F**k!” as I charged up the street to the pub. Jaroslav Plasil scored a gorgeous goal that Iker didn’t have a chance in hell of saving, sainthood or not.

To me, Spain just didn’t look all that cohesive and things were rather disappointing although Villa did have two chances which Petr Cech managed to save.

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