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UPDATED: Sunday Bits & Bobs: Part II (Now On A Monday Morning)

15 Jul

da42000aebf911e283d722000a1f99fc_7Well now that its heading for 1 AM and I’m in an absolutely foul mood, I’m going to make this a quick post since I have to be up for work in a few hours. This post deals with non-Real players. David Luiz and his goofiness always seem to cheer me up. He’s adorable.  Continue reading

Getting Ready…

24 Apr

Llegada_al_hotel_de_ýngel_Di_Marýa (2)As we’re awaiting the start of the match, I thought I’d put up a wee bits & bobs post. The good news is that Angel arrived in Dortmund today and will be able to play. That is VERY good news, because it must mean that Jorgelina and the baby are fine. Thank god. I’m sure he wouldn’t leave if there was a major issue. Still sending good thoughts their way. Continue reading

How About Some Happy All Up In Here?

16 May

This day is conspiring to make me an even bigger bitch than usual. The Busquets ruling pissed me off. Then I came out of the subway and was drenched  in a downpour, so I get to spend my workday in jeans wet up to the knees and wet shoes/socks. I’m walking around here squelching, which is doing absolutely NOTHING to improve my mood.  So here is an absolutely adorable ovary popping video of Stefan, the son of Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic scoring a goal. Make sure to check out the pictures after the jump – they’re just wonderful. It’s enough to put a smile even on my grumpy ass face today. (Also, I’ve added more Leo Torres pictures to the original post).

Continue reading