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Copa America Catch Up

15 Jun


My intent was to post daily wrap-ups for this tournament. Since that hasn’t been possible, this is what happened in the group stages. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Copa America – Brazil: Alisson Becker

4 Jun

Alisson Becker BrazilGoalkeeper Alisson currently plays for Roma. He has represented Brazil at the U17, U20 and senior levels. I’ve always thought of Alisson as a girl’s name and thought “Okay, maybe I’m wrong.” but then I found that his older brother (also a goalkeeper) is named Muriel, which is also usually a woman’s name so I have no idea what’s going on with the Becker clan. Brazilians, is this a common practice in your country? Are these two names more unisex? Anyhow, I have this stuck in my head now.

Updated: Copa America – The Squads

1 Jun


There’s a lot of football to cover this summer. I’m hoping to provide daily updates of Copa America action (as well as the other tournaments) in their own posts. I thought I’d start with what players we can expect to see rocking pitches across the USA beginning this Friday. Continue reading

Training, Champions League, International Duty & Benz In Court Again

18 Mar

Satellite (5)The team had their final training session in preparation for meeting Sevilla on Sunday. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – Old Skool: Kaka & Robinho

27 Dec

article-0-031F2E2B000005DC-445_468x454Shigs is out of town for the holidays so I think it’s safe to post this one. Shhhhh! Kaka & Robinho bromanced fiercely on Brazil and at AC Milan. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Bernard Duarte and David Luiz

26 Dec

tumblr_nvm62mCqjz1rwkiqio2_r1_1280Teeny weeny Bernard (5’6″) and gangly ol’ David (6’2″) make the best size mismatched pair since David De Gea & Juan Mata. I guess they’re the Brazilian equivalent and they sure do love goofing around together. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month Old Skool: Roberto Carlos & Ronaldo (Original Recipe)

25 Dec

120205_6_6Two of the greatest, both for us and Brazil and they completely adore each other. Continue reading

International Recap

10 Sep

Bale Wales4

My original plan was to give you a daily recap of the international break. That obviously did not happen. But I do have some goodies after the jump. Continue reading

Welcome To The World, Liam Alves Vieira!

2 Sep

BabyStorkLiam has arrived! Clarice gave birthday to a healthy baby boy yesterday in Madrid. Marcelo is in NYC on national team duty and missed the birth but said he has seen pictures and is very happy. Can’t wait to see the little woobins with his big brother, Enzo. Mazel Tov to one of my favorite ‘baller families!

The Daily Drool – Champions League Group A: Real Madrid’s Casemiro

1 Sep

casemiro2As we do each year, we celebrate the kick off of the Champions League by featuring Drools from each team. First up is our own defensive midfielder Casemiro. He just come back to us after a stint at Porto and signed a contract extension until 2021 yesterday. He has represented Brazil at the U17, U20 and senior levels.