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La Roja Were Robbed (And Not In An ‘On The Pitch’ Way)

20 Jun

Spain-team-v-Uruguay-PI_2013062010373313_660_320Oooh, someone was very naughty and not how we usually mean it. Watishista P sent me a link with the news from Fox Soccer. It seems that someone burgled the rooms of 6 Spanish players while they were in Recife. Continue reading

Benzema/Ribery Trial Postponed AGAIN

18 Jun
"Mon Dieu, Franck - we dodged a bullet again"

“Mon Dieu, Franck – will this trial never end?”

Karim and Franck’s trial has been adjourned until 2014. What is this? Like the third or fourth postponement? This investigation has been going on since 2010. I’m sure they’re just ready to get it over with and find out the verdict. (Well, at least Karim is, according to his lawyer) Continue reading