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Buoyancy for the Win

23 Dec

terry-nelson-disabled-swim-suitApparently there is a secret weapon at work in the backroom for us thanks to amputee and ex-Liverpool player Terry Nelson. Nelson has developed a buoyancy running suit which allows players to train in the water when land training isn’t possible. Apparently Crispy has used the suit (of course he has) to help with his injuries. Of more interest to me though, is how Nelson came to develop his aqua “running man” suit.

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Ready For The Reds

3 Nov
Gentlemen! Try not to break each other!

Gentlemen! Try not to break each other!

Tomorrow we once again face Liverpool. Somewhere on the other side of Manhattan, I can hear watishista Mandi kvetching. It’s tough going when both your teams play each other. Like Highlander, there can only be one and (sorry, girl!) I’m praying that it’s Real Madrid. Continue reading

Match Recap: Champions League – Real Madrid Vs. Liverpool

23 Oct

Liverpool FC v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions LeagueFull disclosure: I was a little nervous going into this match. Not because I didn’t think we were strong, but because of where it fell in our schedule. I also kept thinking of our record against Liverpool. We’ve faced them three times and never beat them.

I was not, however, as nervous as watishista Mandi who is a huge Liverpool fan and the reason I’ve been to Anfield and the Melwood training grounds. Don’t worry, I took an extra long shower when we got back to London. Continue reading