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Well….We’re Still Pretty

27 Nov

That’s what I’m going to keep repeating to myself when I think of how another three points have been flushed down the shitter, “We’re still pretty, we’re still pretty,” followed by “FUCK PRETTY! I WANT TO WIN!!” I really do. A commentator mentioned, during today’s match, that the CdR & CL should become our focus because we’ve got a motherfucking eleven point gap between us & that other team. A commentator’s words have never made me want to cry more than I did at that moment. Say it ain’t so! I’m all about being optimistic, but it’s obvious our situation right now, definitely ain’t as pretty as our team. I’m curious to know how all of you feel about the team’s Liga situation, how many of you are going to keep holding out for that Liga trophy and how many of you have already moved on? Let me know, because I feel like I need a support group! There’s not much to recap with this one, Benat scored, none of our boys did. I’m not going to talk about disallowed goals, since it’s all over and done with, but I will share some angry Sergio. Seriously, how hot is that? Continue reading