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New Year & Holiday Fun

1 Jan

2017Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and have been enjoying the day today. As promised, a bumper crop of what various ‘ballers have been doing on their holidays. There have been engagements, baby announcements, singing in the mirror while dressed in a towel (Cristiano), blue gradient shoes (Sergio), celebrating on a camel (Mateo & Lukita) and a rather ungracious joke about a rival (Toni Kroos, being a bit rude, IMHO).  Let’s dig in! (It’s long so be prepared!) Continue reading

David Beckham Is An Embarrassing Dad Part II

19 Apr


We all know that Becks is an embarrassing dad according to his kids. Well, he’s proven it again. Poor Brooklyn, he was all excited to get 1 million Instagram followers, that is, until his father popped in to remind Brooklyn that he’s got 52 million Facebook followers (he’s really got 50 million but…) I mean, what can you really say after that? Brooklyn added a poignant hashtag #ismydadcoolerthanme   Awwww!

– Lozil

Thursday Night Bits & Bobs

19 Jul

Oh, Karim.

I just even know what to do with him at this point. Here’s some quick bits & bobs before I hit the hay. Click on the galleries after the jump to scroll through the photos & captions. Continue reading

Prepare to SQUEE!, EEEE!, and AWWW!

8 Jun

Harper. Seven. With. Minnie. Mouse. Ears. This girl is just too squishy & yummy!! And look at those cheeks, that double chin, and her chunky arms!! Babies like that were meant to be bitten y’all. I’d say her daddy has quite a bite-able quality to him too, wouldn’t you agree? Check out the whole fam at Disneyland. Continue reading