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Real Madrid Takes On…Juvenil B?

8 May
This is Spartan!

This is Spartan!

A little practice game was in the offing today.  Jesus, Arbie, Sami, Illara, Casemiro & Marcelo joined by Pablo, Capmartín, Felipe Sáez (all of Juvenil A),  Juanjo and Gabri (of Juvenil B) made up one team.  Juvenil B with DLo stepping in as their goalkeeper made up the second. Continue reading

Sheesh! We Can’t Get A Break Lately, Can We?

18 Sep

While awaiting the team, the Evil Bunny Bus was given a ticket in front of the hotel by an overzealous meter maid. Let Brooks Peck tell you all about it, while getting off a laugh out loud zinger at the end over at Dirty Tackle. Let’s hope our luck is better in the match, eh?

– Lozil

Oh Dear. Someone Wasn’t Paying Attention

23 Apr

Sport posted this cover with an unfortunately positioned Xavi (looking like he’s giving Puyi head) with an ad below it that says “Sex islLife.”  The Internet (which is forever, people!) gleefully jumped all over it and got the hashtag #LaMamadaDeXavi trending in Spain (The Blowjob of Xavi).  Continue reading

Training, Presser, Call Ups, Lotsa Sergio And More

30 Mar

Well, the boys are already on their way to Pamplona (as per a tweet by Kay Murray earlier) for tomorrow’s match against Osasuna. Prior to take off, there was training and a presser by El Jefe. A bumper crop of bits and bobs to follow. Continue reading

Afternoon Presser & Leftovers…

14 Jul

Today’s sacrificial lambs to the press were Ricardo Carvalho and Fábio Coentrão.  The photogs took some great pictures of Carvalho. Fauxnando looks cute as well but a bit shy.
Continue reading

Thank God For Dirty Tackle!

17 May

Just when my head was about to completely explode with rage, Brooks Peck came along and made me laugh out loud. Sir, you are doing absolutely nothing to stop the ardent crush I’m developing on you. Just a little warning there…  Here you go, wa-tishistas! Enjoy. Humor always helps in situations like this.

Game Post To Come, But Read This In The Meantime…

5 Apr

“Who the hell just called me Shrek?!”

Holy shit! What a game that was today! I can’t wait to watch the Schalke-Inter game as well. I’m in the process of putting together a round up (there’s so many good pictures, it will probably end up being two posts), but in the meantime, check this out. As you know, Wayne had a shitfit after his hat trick this past weekend and dropped the F-bomb, which is he now being fined for (oh sure, but it’s okay for racists and homophobes to roam free?).  Anyhow, Brooks Peck wrote a great little article over at Dirty Tackle: Maybe this is why footballers are so angry these days

Thought provoking, no? I think sometimes people forget players are people. They don’t belong to us. We recently saw that bullshit sense of entitlement over on una’s blog when a poster made all sorts of outrageous claims with no consideration of how it would effect the players. Comments like “Marcelo gets really mad when you touch his hair” made my skin crawl. OF COURSE HE WOULD – YOU ARE A STRANGER. TOUCHING HIM. I’ve knocked people out for less. Anyhow, yes, they are highly paid and worshiped, but we don’t own them. They are under enormous amounts of pressure and some of these guys are really young, probably not terribly mature due to the bubble that they live in and they have no privacy. That’s not the recipe for happiness. Some people handle it better than others (Xabi, you classy fuck!) and others, not so well (Mario Balotelli, I’m looking at you!) but either way, it’s something to think about.

I’m just grateful that I’m not a famous ‘baller and therefore, don’t have to apologize for my wretched potty mouth. I’d be broke from being fined so much. Okay, off soap box and on to sorting through pictures of the game.

A Look At Germany’s Day ::snort::

28 Mar

OMG! Run and I mean RUN, do not walk, over to Dirty Tackle and see how Germany spent the day. It is HI-LARIOUS! Make sure you click on all appropriate links, especially Luka Podolski’s theme song on YouTube and the Bayern Munich catalog (see a representative picture of Thomas Mueller above). I laughed so hard reading both these posts that I nearly choked on my go-to-sleep hot cocoa. Brooks Peck wins at life. Why oh why were Sami & Mesut released before the Mercedes Benz road rally happened? I can see a terrified Mesut clinging to the dashboard while a crazed Sami does donuts in the parking lot. Or maybe it would be the other way around? Mesut might surprise us all. (Great! Now I’ve got “Lu-Lu-Lu-Lukas Podolski!” running through my head.)