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ICC Fan Fest In Miami

2 Aug

ICC-FANFEST-WEB-SLATE2-865x1024For those of you lucky peeps heading to the ICC finals in Miami, there’s going to be a free  fan fest from 3 PM – 9 PM both days which includes a player arrival parade (photo opp!) And bubble soccer! I’ve wanted to try it ever since we did this post. They had some sort of ICC event here in NYC recently that featured it but it was in Times Square and I was working, etc. If anyone goes to this, please report back.

– Lozil

This Could Solve A Wealth Of Problems…

21 Jan

Can you imagine? No more hand stomping accusations/incidents, less injuries for expensive players, aggressions gotten out safely, no handballs, Angel Di Maria could roll even more times when he dives and the most AMAZING goal celebrations ever known to mankind. How many times have we said that we wanted to roll fragile players in bubble wrap to keep them safe? Well now it could be a reality! Plus this looks like hella good fun.  I laughed so hard watching this. It really made my day. The video comes via the wonderous Who Ate All The Pies. (There are also English subtitles available – click the CC)

– Lozil