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Training, A Visitor And More

17 Mar

Satellite (21)The team continued preparing for Sevilla today. Continue reading

RM Vs. The Freestylers

25 Feb

Enjoy this super fun video of Jesé, Isco, Mateo Kovačić and Lucas Vázquez as they take on world champion freestyler Séan Garnier and his S3 Society colleague Andreas Cetkovic. Warm up footage after the jump. Continue reading

Prepping For PSG & More

1 Nov

Satellite (1)Preparations began for Tuesday’s match vs. PSG in the Champions League. Continue reading

Thursday Training, Bwin Clinic & More About Danilo

2 Apr

SatelliteSergio is just biding his time before he kicks off this season’s Hot Pants War. He’s just going to show up one day in neon sequined booty shorts, drop the mic in front of Cris then saunter away. Boom! Continue reading

bwin presents #TheMoment – featuring the stars of Real Madrid

13 Jun

I’m missing the hell out of our boys as a unit. This fantastic video (with English subtitles) from bwin show Sergio, Pepe, The Baby, Angel and our favorite Bond villain talking about the defining moments in their career. There’s also a great bit about superstitions that really cracked me up.

– Lozil