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Balls and Boots and Bangers and … Golden Tweets?

21 Jul

I’m late bringing you this as I was waiting for a Women’s World Cup all-star team to be announced first. One hasn’t been and likely won’t be. I guess FIFA just wasn’t interested in doing this anymore. Oh well. At least we still have the individual awards to celebrate and debate. Continue reading

Cameroon under investigation after Round of 16 match with England; England progress to the Quarterfinals

26 Jun

I have to admit. This is a rough report to write. There’s the match and then there’s what went on in the match, at half time, after the match and now the aftermath. This is a developing story so keep a look out. Teri and I both have some thoughts but I’ll start with the actual report first and then we’ll get into it. Continue reading

Group E – Round 1 and 2 Roundup

22 Jun

We did not forget about Group E! I promise! I said I wouldn’t cover any games unless Christine Sinclair scored. Reasonable. Why else am I here except to celebrate my home country and slight everyone else in their group?! Come on. I kid! You should know me better than that. I love and respect everyone. Continue reading

Cameroon are through to the Round of 16!

21 Jun

It was the last day of the Group stages and both Cameroon and New Zealand had everything on the line. Due to the convoluted rules regarding the Best Third Place teams advancing, both teams were in a must win situation. It was either win and score two goals or go home. At times, it appeared that both teams were evenly matched – in possession, in physicality but at the end of it all, Cameroon were through. In the second half, Cameroon were able to make it happen. New Zealand have the talent but they didn’t have the energy or the consistency to pull through. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – WWC 2019 Group E – Madeleine Ngono Mani

21 Jun

Forward Madeleine has represented Cameroon at the senior level since 2002. She currently plays for Albi Croix.

2019 Women’s World Cup: Group E Preview

24 May

Just call this the mulligan. New Zealand, Netherlands, and Canada are reuniting once again at the group stage after battling it out together four years ago. Cameroon slides into the final spot, hoping to better their 11th place finish from their debut in 2015. Continue reading

2015 WWC Round Of 16: China PR 1 – Cameroon 0

22 Jun

All good things come to an end and for Cameroon, Saturday was that day.  Continue reading

2015 WWC: The Dilemma Facing Football-Playing Moms

21 Jun


Catherine Etoe at The BBC wrote the following great article on a few of the moms at this year’s WWC. It’s an interesting conversation piece for a variety of reasons, at least for me. Continue reading

2015 WWC – Finishing Up Group C

19 Jun

Group C finalGroup C ended up with Japan and Cameroon moving on, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Continue reading

2015 WWC: I Don’t Play Like Men Do

14 Jun

Miedema_giIt is inevitable male-female comparisons are going to happen when a female player gains a certain level of success. I’m guilty of it at times. Our frame of reference for football is largely dominated by the male game. Continue reading