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Wednesday Training & Wack Ass Bullshit

25 Mar

Satellite (7)Jesé, James, Arbeloa, Pacheco, Nacho and Illarra worked with Castilla today in the second training session of the week. Continue reading

First Training Of The Week

3 Feb
I love how it looks like they're performing modern dance.

“I am a leaf, reaching toward the ball-sun of destiny!  Yearning for its light!”

I love how it looks like they’re in the midst of some fantastic modern dance performance choreographed and conceived by El Pirata. (More on him in another post). The boys had their first training session of the week, which focused on recovery. Bale was back with the squad and new Castilla player Willian José joined them as well.  Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Coaches: Rui Faria

24 Mar

Rui FariaPortuguese cutie (and more than occasional hot head) Rui is Real Madrid’s fitness coach. He is Mou’s long time collaborator. They originally met when Rui attended a seminar at the Camp Nou where Mou was working as assistant manager to Louis van Gaal. They obviously hit it off and Mou hired Rui (as a fitness coach & video analyst) in 2001 when he took over União Leiria. He’s worked with him every club since then: Porto (physiotherapist), Chelsea (fitness coach), Internazionale (fitness coach) and now RM.

1 El Clasico Down, 1 to Go….for now

27 Aug

After yesterday’s Liga result, I thought I’d get to this recap first since the first leg of the Supercopa was a much better turn out. Sure, we lost….BUT we did score first, got two away goals, and we had Di Maria – oh how I loved that little moment with Valdes! Di Maria’s goal made the loss bearable, I think. And best of all, we still have a chance to win this thing. In two days time, the first title of the season will be decided and it’ll be on our home turf. Vamos Real!….and if we don’t win, we didn’t want it in the first place. 😉 Continue reading

Update On Pepe’s Injury/Guaje Returns

20 Aug

Pepe was released from the hospital this morning after a night of observation. He had a CT scan and other tests while he was there. The doctors felt confident to release him and  his progress will be followed by Real Madrid’s medical staff. I’m surprised that Iker wasn’t sent in for some tests as well.  Continue reading

Today In Appalling News

22 Aug

This is goalie Eiji Kawashima who plays for Belgian side Lierse S.K. and you’re about to be very angry on his behalf…
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Hangin’ Around At Camp Nou

17 Aug

While we await the start of the match with our stomachs churning in anticipation, here’s  a few pictures of Los Blancos at Camp Nou, starting with the ever delicious Zizou. We should all look so GQ when making a phone call, eh?
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Thank God THAT’S Over!

3 May

Iker was a ROCK STAR today!

I am so fucking Clasico-ed out, you have no idea. Actually, I’m thinking you do. More than anything else, today brought a welcome sense of relief from what has been an absolutely tense and miserable 18 days. I’m glad it’s over. Well, until have to play Barca twice in August. Supercopa, here we come. Ugh. Anyhow, I’ll happily take a few months off from this nonsense and I hope that by the time June 4th rolls around, I’ll be able to see a somewhat reconciled La Roja play at Foxboro.

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