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De Gea Drama

1 Sep

david-de-gea_3175501bIt wouldn’t be Real Madrid without some epic drama, now would it? We all watched with bated breath as the transfer window neared closing, only to find the deal with Manchester United scuppered in the most clusterfucky way possible. Let the finger pointing begin! Continue reading

UPDATED: Not Even Vaguely The “Beautiful” Game…

28 Apr

“WTF just happened?”
I dunno, Iker, but I’m not pleased.

Neither team should be proud of what was a completely disgusting spectacle that had nothing to do with sport and all to do with ego.   There was no honor and very little football to be had. But I’ve made my feelings pretty clear in the comments.  I can’t bear to go over it and post pictures but here’s a round up of various articles about the game and the fallout.

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