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Romance Gossip: Cesc and Carla Split

1 May

Another story I didn’t get around to reporting yesterday (thanks to notoriousjk) for the tip. ::sniffle:: I really liked Carla. She seemed grounded and awesome. I always thought that were adorable together (even though they kinda looked like they could be brother and sister!) Apparently, Cescy is all angst-y about breaking up with Carla, his childhood sweetheart after over 7 years together (how could he not be?) even though it was apparently more his decision. Carla works for a London PR firm so the split is increasing buzz that he may be cutting ties and returning to Spain after this season. A potential move to Barca has been hinted at for years. Oh Cescy, feel better soon. (If Iker suddenly splits with Sara, we’ll know that it’s ON!)