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The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique & Cesc Fabregas

6 Dec

Cesc-F-bregas-Carles-Puyol-and-Gerard-Piqu-cesc-fabregas-15845441-600-450The Moc Moc boys have a life long bromance that has lasted through La Masia, Barca and the Spanish National Team. Continue reading

Anti-Sex Beard Tendencies, Training, Saluting Puyol, y Mas

4 Mar


Can everyone step AWAY from the big razor, please?? They’ve already got poor Albiol and Cesc! From bearded glory to teenage “price check on aisle 5” grocery boys. *cries* La Roja needs more sponsors that are Team Preserve The Sex Beard! You gotta love VdB’s “Go for my stache & I’ll cut a bitch” look though.

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It’s Official: Puyol To Leave Barca At End Of Season

4 Mar

I guess we always knew that this day was coming, but it’s sad nonetheless. Carles Puyol, a man admired by football fans for his talent and steadfastness, no matter what their team affiliation,  will be leaving Barcelona at the end of the season. I’ve been in meetings a good portion of the day and just saw the news.  Continue reading

It’s Official: Xavi Really Got Married

13 Jul

tumblr_mpw3k3p0BU1rct3fqo1_500Well will you look at that? Xavi’s 2012 Summer of Love stuck! It’s just been a year (almost to the day) that we first set eyes on his lady (at the bottom of this post) and watched while their relationship progressed. Today Xavi and the lovely Núria Cunillera wed at the Marimurtra Botanical Gardens in Blanes, Spain. Continue reading

A Few Sunday Bits & Bobs

2 Jun

Let me out! I promise to be a good boy!

I’m feeling lazier than usual today – must be this heat and humidity. Ugh. My hair puts Marouane Fellaini’s to shame. I’ve managed to wrangle it into a bun and now I’m heading out to a going away party. But before I do, here’s some of the bits and bobs that I’ve been meaning to post for the past few days. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Carles Puyol

23 Apr

Boy oh boy do ladies love Captain Caveman! Here’s a fantastic conversation by three watishistas who nominated him. Continue reading

La Roja Trainin’, Chattin’, and DAMN They Look Fine!

5 Feb


It may be a freezing February for some of us, but it ain’t for La Roja! They’re breaking out the shorts and short shorts for some…I’m looking at you Puyi. So you’re about to reach 100 matches & you want to show off a little more leg? I like, nay love, the idea of celebrating milestone matches with hiked up training gear. It makes me think of someone who is only two matches away from their 100th cap. Yep, Sergio. Hello, opportunities for even more nekkie! Wawaweewa.

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La Roja Leftovers

4 Feb


Alas! More La Roja goodies to cap off the night. Here is a video of their arrival in Doha, with gifs and piccies of today’s presser pretties after the jump. Continue reading

Updated: La Roja to Doha

4 Feb

It’s about that time again! International week is upon us & the Campeones have donned their best red & yellows, took off for Doha, and landed safely. Tell me, was this international break scheduled purposely between Clasicos? Hmmm… Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: When Ikers Troll And More

4 Oct

Geeker & Doce hit the playground

Dear Job That Pays Me So That I Can Afford My Internet Connection,

Why you want to make me work so hard and keep me away from the important things in life like posting pictures of hot men or recapping footy games? PRIORITIES, LEARN THEM.

Love, Lozil

So yeah, busy again. It’s going to be this way until November 15 and just get worse the closer we get to that week. So I’m doing yet another drive by.  Lots of Iker today! Continue reading