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Monday Bits & Bobs: Bebes, Daddies, Vacation Time

17 Jun

4ab2f40ed75d11e2a58e22000aa801d9_7Yesterday was Father’s Day and many of our faves posted tributes. Carlota posted this great shot of little Raul with his binky that says his papa is the best. Continue reading

Updated: Bits & Bobs: Icky Mouse, Deafening Fangirl Screams & More

12 Jun

1371058040_extras_noticia_foton_7_1I know Shigs would take one look at all these pictures of Kaka with America’s favorite rodent and say “Icky Mouse” as sure as I’m standing here.  Speaking of, I had a lovely time with with watishistas Shigs, P, forzasusan & Baby Girl last night at the Spain vs. Ireland game. It was a drive by for me. I pretty much arrived and hit my seat right before the national anthem and tore out of there right after. Week night games suck.  Ireland did a great job much to the delight of forzasusan. I spent a lot of time sneaking peeks at Nando bitchfacing non-stop on the bench.  He did bust out a big grin and a hug for Robbie Keane though. Continue reading

Updated: A Few Quick Bits & Bobs

11 Jun

1418b6dad1f011e29df022000a1fb07c_7Arbeloa, I know you love me because you’re wearing a Brooklyn Nets jacket. It’s your secret shout out to me and I thank you. Don’t worry, darlin’, I won’t let any one know of our love. WHOOPS! Continue reading

A Bit Of A Catch Up

6 May

BJfc1YiCAAA91ziI’ve been incredibly busy for the past 5 days so I’m going to try to do a quick catch up post, although I know that I won’t be able to fit everything in. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and many of the players posted shots with their mamis and/or partners. Easy to tell Marcelo’s grin anywhere, isn’t it? He’s barely changed! Continue reading

Not The Scariest Thing I Saw Yesterday…

21 Mar

acae0750914b11e285b022000a9f15de_7Sorry, Shigs! I know the fact that Kaka’s wife has her own monogrammed set of super sharp knives is going to completely traumatize you (Carol was taking her culinary school exam) but honestly, it wasn’t the scariest thing that I saw yesterday.  Continue reading

Friday Night Bits & Bobs

15 Feb

3bd65de677bc11e2b8f122000a1f9345_7 (1)Lots of little bits and bobs tonight. Who do you think these two matching woobinses are? Hint: they are siblings and Spanish. Yeah, I know, real helpful! Answer after the jump. Continue reading

Toothy Bits & Bobs

11 Feb

1a939652745c11e28ea222000a9f1946_7Lots of bits & bobs to get through. My emergency dental appointment was fraught with drama and insurance snags. In the end I was begging “Just yank it! For the love of all that’s holy, just yank that damn thing!” And after several hours wait, they finally did. I’m home now with an ice pack on my face, less one wisdom tooth. I’d rather be having some of Calleti’s birthday cake, that’s for sure.  Alvaro & Carlota provided a lovely Oreo cookie cake, which everyone had to pose with and/or photograph. Continue reading

Karim Gets A Captive Audience, Mesut Speaks, Bits & Bobs

29 Jan

We were today gifted with 10 minutes of translated presser (translation kicks in at about 30 seconds or so). I particularly enjoy how annoyed Karim gets with the headphones in the beginning. I know they’re not Beats, hon, but try to cope. Especially when you have a whole room of people hanging on your every utterance, Mr. Forever Alone. Continue reading

Animo Iker!, Training And More

25 Jan

Iker-Casillas_2846915It’s really hard to concentrate on anything else but the fact that Iker had surgery today and two screws were put in. It’s being reported that the doctor says that ‘recovery in anything less than 12 weeks would be considered a success.’ THREE MONTHS? Argh. Poor woobins. Send some good thoughts his way for a quick recovery. Continue reading

Bitsy Bobsy

17 Jan

410868_514651538566254_1774330712_oIt’s taken me hours to get this freaking post up. One work crisis after another. Sigh.

The birthday boy posted this adorable shot with Alba today and said the cake was courtesy of the “Family Callejon” aka Jose and Marta. (Arbetti, it’s so on!) Fabulous sex beard intact, Arbie makes 30 look soooo good. Albiol charmingly posted a tweet that translated to “Happy birthday to my friend @ aarbeloa17 you’re on the third floor … soon in the attic and no emergency exit 😉” NICE. Continue reading