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Confederations Cup: Spain vs Tahiti

23 Jun


Before I get even farther behind on the match recaps, here is the Tahiti (which my fingers keep wanting to type as Tahini) post. Following the game, I felt pretty bad for Tahiti. 10-0 isn’t a fun score, but apparently the coach & team were just so overjoyed to have qualified for the Confeds, nothing could get them down. Coach Eddy Etaeta, said he was moved to tears during the team’s opening match, he was so proud of them, even though they were defeated 6-1. He also said, playing against Spain would be a dream. It’s nice to see the coach and team remain so proud to represent their country, even though the outcomes weren’t ideal. Spain did them in, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times, so needless to say there are a lot of goals to look at and I won’t make this post even longer by going on & on. The goals shall speak for themselves…..mostly.

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La Roja Do Fortaleza

23 Jun

Spain Training - FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013

La Roja arrived in Fortaleza a couple days ago, they just keep going and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with them! Super stretching pics like the one above, always get me back on track though, these thing MUST be shared. Shit, look at Javi Martinez, even he’s excited by the Sernando scene playing out in front of him!

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La Roja Official Shots, Part II

15 Jun

tumblr_mofsnr06yb1qftb6ko1_1280A second set of shots of La Roja were taken, this time more casual. Mixed results, of course, but one thing remains consistent: Mata is still killing it. Hello, pretty boy! Lord, I can only imagine the Casual Cesc one. Keeping an eye out for that. When I find it, I will share. (Photos via GFSports)
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La Roja Official Pictures

14 Jun

tumblr_mod6muT53O1r3p0vko1_500La Roja had their official pictures taken, which is always a cause for dread. As a rule, these things never seem to turn out all that well. Some are not so bad and some are downright hideous.  Here’s some close ups… Continue reading

A Little La Roja Catch Up Before Kick Off

8 Jun

Fernando Torres

The Spain/Haiti Friendly is going to kick off shortly, so here is a recap of what the boys have been up to, yesterday & today. First up are training pics….inside a bubble?

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La Roja Nerds Out Over The NBA & Some Other News

7 Jun


You know the boys were super excited for Game 1 of the NBA finals, they couldn’t stop tweeting about it! Some were so excited they confused San Antonio with San Fransciso….ehem Sergio..but that’s ok, because in their excitement they shared a lot of really cute pictures. It’s not everyday we get to see the fan-girlees, fan-girl over something else!

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A Whole Lotta Red and Yellow

6 Jun


Now here’s a guy who could make a workout vid that wouldn’t make me laugh! (Still love you Benz xo) The players keep talking about the heat at practice and in the locker room, during their pressers, I’m surprised more of the boys didn’t get nekkid. Where’s the Magic Mike Nando segment of the training session?? What ever happened to shirts vs skins? I tell ya, HB&HB needs to manage our own team, we’d make sure y’all would see allllll you’ve ever wanted to see! 😉

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La Roja Update!

5 Jun

La Roja Logo

Our stealth watishista on the scene, Dr. Heidi, is having a wonderful day. She got the news that the practices have been opened up to Barry University employees ONLY so she can ogle Sergio to her heart’s content. It’s a bummer that the public won’t be able to attend. If anything changes on that, Dr. Heidi will let us know. Continue reading

Memorial Day Bits & Bobs

27 May

943153_461596330598741_1161387953_nHope everyone in the US enjoyed their Memorial Day! I know I did. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a fantastic view of the NY harbor from watishista DK’s roof deck. I’m sleepy from the heat and ready to get some sleep but first a few things…

First and most importantly, Robbie Rogers was subbed in for the last 13 minutes of the LA Galaxy’s 4-0 win over Seattle Sounders. In that moment, he became the first openly gay male to play in a major American professional sport. He was greeted with a standing ovation. I am so incredibly pleased for him. There’s a fan support page for him on Facebook if you want to go and send a little note of encouragement. Continue reading

La Roja Trainin’, Chattin’, and DAMN They Look Fine!

5 Feb


It may be a freezing February for some of us, but it ain’t for La Roja! They’re breaking out the shorts and short shorts for some…I’m looking at you Puyi. So you’re about to reach 100 matches & you want to show off a little more leg? I like, nay love, the idea of celebrating milestone matches with hiked up training gear. It makes me think of someone who is only two matches away from their 100th cap. Yep, Sergio. Hello, opportunities for even more nekkie! Wawaweewa.

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