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Bits & Bobs: Shaky But Surviving, Goodbye Sin City, Play Ball, A Vulture And Some Duckies

22 Jul

Well, I’m hanging in there. Still pretty shaky but I’m going to attempt to go see Chelsea/PSG. I’m meeting up with forzasusan and PLL. If I make it that far, I’ll see if I can make it to Yankees Stadium. It’s all very touch and go. I feel like a new born foal. Very wobbly on the legs.  Thanks for all the get well wishes!

Mesut has finally left Sin City and it’s scantily clad ladies behind (one hopes they’re not stumbling along in stilettos and garters somewhere behind him) for the more natural and wholesome wonders of the Grand Canyon. I approve of this destination! Continue reading

Training Continues, Bad Angles, Austrian Man Love And 85 Gives It A Go

24 Mar

Mesut and Sami do a little training jog

Training continues for the national teams and Spain will take the field against the Czech Republic tomorrow. Finally, a game!  France has continued their laugh-a-thon, apparently…

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