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Training Continues…

18 May

Satellite (1)Preparation for the Champions League final continued today. Continue reading

Champions League Final Preparations Start, A Call Up & Not The Usual Suspects

17 May

Satellite (12)Los Blancos got down to business today and began preparing for the Champions League final. I should probably do the same – practice screaming at the top of my lungs and get my biceps prepared to lift those pints. Training pays off, kids! Continue reading

On To The Final!

4 May

Bless his little top knot (even though it was credited as a Fernando own goal)! We’re on to the final. The last few minutes of the game were excruciating. When K-Nav when down, I almost puked.

Now I will try to calm down for a day or so before I begin fretting about the Sernando final in Milan.

– Lozil

Our Starting Line Up Vs. Manchester City

4 May

Ah, I love it! They’re doing the ol’ World Cup of Arm Folding thing, which I love.

LET’S GO BLANCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Lozil

Get Ready, ‘Cos Here We Come!

4 May

It’s getting closer to kick off… I’m nervous, how about you? As always, I believe in Los Blancos! Here’s some stats from our 2015-2016 Champions League campaign to get you pumped up.


– Lozil

Ready To Take On Citeh At The Bernabeu

3 May

Satellite (10)The time is almost at hand: tomorrow we take on Man City at home. The winner of this match heads on to the final to face Atleti, who knocked out Bayern today thanks to that away goal. Continue reading

Prepping For The Second Leg Vs. Man City

2 May

Satellite (3)Hey all – sorry for my absence lately. They finally – FINALLY! – finished the renovations on my new apartment so I was able to start the moving process this weekend. Now I’m just racing to finish packing up the last of my current place so the movers can come in this weekend. And then it will probably take months for me to pack but at least I won’t be between two households, right? Thanks to mygypsyspirit for getting the match posts up and doing such a great job.  Continue reading

Marcelo & Keylor on Adidas Gamedayplus

25 Apr

Marcelo & Keylor made an appearance on Adidas Gamedayplus. Both are ridiculously awesome as usual.

– Lozil

Ready To Face Citeh & A Birthday

25 Apr

Satellite (8)I’m playing catch up yet again. The final push is on to get the rest of the things packed before my move, so I’ve been offline a lot. I logged on Saturday and screamed the house down when I saw that Rayo was up by 2. Luckily, we pulled through (thanks Gareth & Lucas). Let’s hope we’re more on point tomorrow, eh? Much to cover today… Continue reading

Ready For Getafe & It’s Citeh

15 Apr

Satellite (9)Everything in my life is in a constant state of catch up these days. I feel like Keylor trying to stop tennis balls. If only I had his skill! But onward… Continue reading