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Ain’t No Party Like A La Decima Party, Part III

26 May

10362325_788718607807501_376446703_nAnd it wouldn’t be a party without the families of the players in the house. Considering what a baby boom we’ve had the past year, it was no surprise to see all the little ones on the pitch (I think we’ll see even more babies this time next year).

San Baby made an appearance and charmed the hell out of everyone when he started bawling (as any 4 month old would be when confronted with that kind of cacophony). Continue reading

UPDATED: Ain’t No Party Like A La Decima Party, Part II

26 May

Fancy watching the whole dang fiesta from start to finish and have almost 4 hours free? Then here you go! The Bernabeu part is pretty darn spectacular. Continue reading

Ain’t No Party Like A La Decima Party, Part I

26 May

Satellite (9)Cause a La Decima party goes all night long, straight through the next day and on to a third! So many pictures and videos that my eyes are starting to cross. In this post, it’s the presentation of Ol’ Big Ears to the regional government and the city of Madrid and its installation in the museum at the Bernabeu (sorry, not chronological). Continue reading

Sing It Boys!

26 May

The song that the team sang on produced by Ramos buddy, Red One, made it’s debut tonight. Based on their live singing skills tonight, it’s fair to say that their vocals on this have been, erm, embellished… Continue reading

A Visit To The Goddess

25 May

A full video of all the crazy action at Cibeles for your viewing pleasure along with a ton of pictures. Drunk!Xabi has a new BFF, Drunk!Luka. They should bond with Drunk!Morata & Drunk!Pirlo and start a band or something. Continue reading

UPDATED: Bringing Home Big Ears, Family Love & Promises Kept

25 May
Martin uses his papi's gold medal as a teething ring.

Martin uses his papi’s gold medal as a teething ring.

I’ve been watching the live feed of all the festivities and trying to catch up on the 8 bazillion pictures we need to post! Let’s start before the final…

The team had the support of their families & friends yesterday along with millions of Madridistas world wide. Continue reading

Be Patience…A Hangover Is Going On

25 May

10354300_611597568937362_1837524355_nYeah, yesterday certainly something, wasn’t it? (That’s G-Money’s medal, btw). I’m still trying to process and sort my aching head out while gathering materials to post. Allow me to illustrate my Champions League final experience via the photo stylings of Karim Benzema. Continue reading

Training At Estádio da Luz & A Homecoming

23 May

10Ah, Cristiano! How amazing you look, how amazing you are. Let’s hope everyone has a fantastic game tomorrow and brings us home La Decima! The team trained at Benfica’s Estádio da Luz and had some guests to offer encouragement. (BEWARE: HUGE ASS TRAINING PICTURE DUMP AHEAD) Continue reading

Carlo, Iker & Sergio Take On The Press

23 May

Perhaps the greatest presser picture ever. Every expression is brilliant.

Carlo, Flotsam, Jetsam and our captains did the press conference today. There were so many fantastic faces made during this, it’s hard to choose the best. Continue reading

THE MATCH: Real Madrid-Atlético Madrid Preview | Champions League Final 2014

23 May

– Lozil