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At Least We Didn’t Draw Bayern, Right?

21 Mar


I said no German teams!!! Is this what I get for voicing my wishes aloud?? Grrr…well, we know it could’ve been worse and now we have the opportunity to exact our revenge on Dortmund for (barely!) knocking us out of the semis last year!

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So 15 Minutes is All it Takes

29 Mar

Way to make us suffer! 75 minutes of ‘Oh shit, not again!’ I think I’ve written enough draw recaps for this season, the boys are starting to give me a complex. Now I don’t breathe easy during matches until we’ve scored at least two goals! Tsk, tsk, it’s the ones you love the most that hurt you the worst. But I guess it was all worth the wait, because the boys did give us some exciting goals & assists to see. Continue reading