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Catching Up On Bits & Bobs: Internationals, Travel, Bebes And More Part I

14 Oct

Prepare for an epic two part Bits & Bobs! First up the social media mad Brazilians who posted tons of pictures. Kaka, David Luiz, Neymar and Marcelo led the charge. Kaka seems to be really happy to be back on the squad and is celebrating by getting Neymar in a headlock. (Be scared, Neymar, be very scared!) Look how big and burly Kaka is next to him. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Charlie Davies

4 Jun

Since the US is playing Spain today (and I’m on my way there!), I wanted to feature an American player. This here smiling handsome man is Charlie Davies. He is a striker for DC United of the MLS on loan from French Ligue 1 side Sochaux. He’s been with Sochaux since 2009. His first professional contract was with Swedish side Hammarby (Bajen!) from 2007-2009.  Charlie was in a serious car accident in October of 2009 that killed a passenger. He’s lucky to be alive. He finally returned to training in April of 2010. He returned to the roster in December. He signed his loan with DC United and made his debut on March 19, scoring two goals.  He has made 17 appearances for the US National Team since 2007. He missed out on the 2010 World Cup and won’t be playing today, but we wish him the best for continued good health.

Bare Arses, Kittens, Curlers, Happy Returns, Sad Leave-Takings, Inspirational Tales, Tired Boys

21 Mar

Hooray for the Internet! Yesterday’s arse slide was bound to show up on YouTube and sure enough, one quick Google and I had the footage. Poor Filipe Luis. Can’t be easy having your arse bared to millions of people on live television, but honey, you have nothing to be ashamed of – that’s a nice booty! And check out my boo getting all aggro and shove-y. He’s a little spitfire when he’s after the ball. Remember when he shoved the referee?

More Bits and Bobs within…

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