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World Cup 2014: Does The Punishment Fit The Crime(s)?

26 Jun
***BESTPIX***  Italy v Uruguay:

Don’t worry, Luis, I’m sure your teeth are still working JUST fine. Ask Giorgio.

In this case? Hell to the nah, in my opinion. Chompers has gotten a ban, yes, but considering his history, I don’t think it’s enough. Continue reading

World Cup 2014: Disciplinary Proceedings Opened Against Chompers

25 Jun

2383645_full-lndFIFA has moved to open disciplinary proceedings against Luis Suarez, who once again, can’t keep his teeth to himself. Continue reading

Madrid Continues To Pick Up The Pieces, Karim Tells It To The Judge & More

26 Apr

Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (4)The team had their last training before tomorrow’s derby with Atleti. Essien was back on the pitch, while Cris trained ran separately and left the pitch early. Arbeloa, Modric and Marcelo stayed inside. Cris has been ruled out for tomorrow after a thigh injury, but should be fine to play against Dortmund on Tuesday. Continue reading

Zenit Fan Club Landscrona Pull The Old “I’m Not Racist But…”

17 Dec

FC-Zenith-St.PetersburgSadly, they really, really are. Add to that a hefty dose of homophobia and xenophobia to make a potent cocktail of utter fuckery. Continue reading

Well, I Guess Winning The World Cup Doesn’t Count For Shit With Some People

19 Jul

Read this linked article over on ONTD_FB  (posted by coyotesuspect) and it made my blood boil. The Japanese Women’s National Team (who won the World Cup last summer) are flying coach to the Olympics while the men’s team flies business class. Seriously? WTF?! Read on… Continue reading