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Football Chants Get Christmassy

26 Dec

These two spots from BT Sports promoting the Boxing Day games had me weeping. Enjoy! Continue reading

Christmas Videos Part 2

26 Dec

Today, the mothership released some new videos and also included English translations for the others. Continue reading

Merry Christmas from San Baby!

25 Dec

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Feliz, una Navidad muy FELIZ!! #sunshine 🎄

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Iker posted this adorable picture of Martin. Merry Christmas!

Aw look! He’s wearing black tights just like his papi! He’s gonna grow up and be a second generation Never Nude. 🙂

– Lozil

Christmas Videos Part I

25 Dec

It’s time for the Christmas videos! (Alas, but no bloopers yet…). Here’s the first crop. The Mister wishes us happy holidays in 3 languages because he’s so awesome. And I assure you by the 3rd one you’ll be very sick of the “Let iiiiiiiiiiiiii-t sn-ohohohohohohohoh-w” tag line. Continue reading

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

24 Dec

The boys at Arsenal are at their amusing best again, this time taking on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas as only they can. Such a wonderful mix of accents and personalities. Szczęsny with the little mouse just cracks me up. Mathieu Flamini scares me a little with all the little pauses. Theo Walcott, well, I could look at listen to him for hours.


Poppin’ Bottles With The ‘Peez

23 Dec

Satellite (4)Ah, the first of the Christmas videos/pictures has arrived. It’s the traditional “captains & coaches with FloPeezy” shoot. What a year it’s been! Get out the champagne, gentlemen, you’ve earned it! Continue reading

*WE* Wouldn’t Have Made You Do This, Xabi!

20 Dec

Just sayin’…   Bayern did their annual Christmas sing-a-long video and Mr. Xabi “Get that polyester Santa hat away from me, NOW!” Alonso looks a bit lost and confused during the festivities. I know he speaks English so I’m not sure what the problem is unless what’s going through his head is “Hmmmm, I guess dragons and fuchsia weren’t that bad in retrospect.” Bless.

– Lozil

Good On You: Pepe Feeds Over 200 Families For Christmas

12 Dec

tumblr_nge2z4SxZl1s40wrbo1_1280People can say what they want about Pepe’s on the pitch demeanor, but in his personal life he’s known to be very generous. He’s definitely got the Christmas spirit and over 200 families will benefit as a result. Continue reading

Chef Pirata

17 Jan

One more thing…been meaning to post this since the holidays. Real Sociedad made this video where they surprise a family by cooking for them. El Pirata and his teammates Claudio Bravo, Dani Estrada, David Zurutuza and Carlos Vela played chef for the day at San Telmo Bokado (we have to go there, mygypsyspirit). There’s also a Making Of… video. Continue reading

UPDATED: FINALLY! The Christmas Bloopers!

2 Jan

I just rolled myself out of bed in time for kick off and just started checking the RM site while watching the match. Lo and behold, the bloopers appeared an hour ago. Argh! Anyhow, enjoy! (And if we got the bloopers, can San Baby be far behind?!) UPDATE: Actually, Sara is in the hospital! So Iker will be getting his baby soon-ish!

– Lozil