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Wednesday Training & Events

16 May

Lots of activity today! Training, an Audi clinic and a Movistar event. Continue reading

Sunday In Montreal

24 Jul

01gal_1RM9808Thumb,0The team completed their seventh day of training in Montreal. Damn, the time is going so fast! Continue reading

Friday Training, Clinic Kiddies And the “Canadian Marcelo”

22 Jul

_HH21072Thumb,0The team continued training for the fifth day in a row. How good is it to see The Baby back in action? Continue reading

Tuesday In Melbourne

21 Jul

Satellite (3)Another driveby as I’m heading out to meet watishistas Shigs & ForzaSusan for a spot of dinner before the PSG/Fiorentina game tonight. Continue reading

Thursday Training, Bwin Clinic & More About Danilo

2 Apr

SatelliteSergio is just biding his time before he kicks off this season’s Hot Pants War. He’s just going to show up one day in neon sequined booty shorts, drop the mic in front of Cris then saunter away. Boom! Continue reading

Training & Movistar Clinic

12 Mar
Holy tamoley, those legs!

Holy tamoley, those legs!

Woof! Cristiano has certainly got some fine hamhocks, doesn’t he? The team had their second training of the week today. Benzema ,  Varane and Carvajal returned to the pitch along with Castilla’s Pacheco, Derik, Casado & Quini.  Fabio & Sergio stayed inside. The latter had some back discomfort. Arbeloa & Sami continue their recovery. Continue reading

2 Trainings, A Clinic, Iker’s Call For Respect & A Birthday

6 Mar
Arbeloa: mad bendy and shit

Arbeloa: mad bendy and shit

I’m imagining that Chori saw this picture of Arbeloa’s flexibility and walked into a wall. I don’t blame him. Always good to show ’em what they’re missing! Lots to cover so let’s get to it. Continue reading

More Tuesday Training/Adidas Clinic

31 Jul

Clinic_Adidas (1)The mothership lied to me! They said most of the squad had the day off yesterday, but they didn’t!  There was a morning training (which I posted before), an Adidas clinic and then a second training. Grrrr! So more to catch up on. Sheesh. First up, the clinic…

Continue reading