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I Think We All Knew This Was Coming

30 Oct

I’m not going to say anything about El Clusterfuck because mygypsyspirit will be sharing her assessment. However, as far that performance, I think we all knew that Julen Lopetegui would be heading for the unemployment line this week. I’m not sure that instability is what the team needs right now, but I don’t write the paychecks so… Anyhow, here’s the official announcement. ESPN had an interesting take on the situation. Santiago Solari took over as interim manager today. Do you think the sacking is fair? Do you think Solari will be the permanent replacement? If not, who will come in? (Conte appears to have removed himself from the running). And will our team ever stop feeding the Drama Llama?

– Lozil

Wenger Out (For Real)

20 Apr

It’s the end of an era. Arsene Wenger announced today that he will be stepping down at the end of the season after 22 years as manager of Arsenal (and a full year before his contract was to expire). So what do we think a post-Wenger Arsenal will look like? And who do you think will be his replacement?

– Lozil

Anne O’Brien, Football Pioneer

17 Jan

anne-obrienI stumbled across the story of Anne O’Brien awhile ago and, when doing more research, was saddened to hear of her passing this past August. When people talk of pioneers in women’s football, here’s one almost lost to the wind. Continue reading

Super Campeones!

9 Aug

CpcnVV0WAAEVBxRFirst trophy of the season, y’all! And being Real Madrid, we had to do it under stressful circumstances. It wouldn’t be us if there wasn’t nail biting, right? Continue reading

Leading the way in Kashmir

12 Jul

srinagar-football-hindustan-kashmir-players-srinagar-andrabi_84b7d5a6-39a8-11e6-a032-be579840a028 (1)Another first! This time it’s Nadiya Nighat, Kashmir’s first woman soccer coach and referee. Added bonus – she’s only 19 years old. I shake my head thinking about what I was doing at that age. It was not anything meaningful, that’s for sure. Continue reading

Breaking Taboos

19 Jun

151227191957_selma_al_majidi_sudan_football_512x288_nocredit_nocreditWe’ve met Chan Yuen-ting and celebrated her footballing achievements in Hong Kong. Now let’s meet Selma Al Majidi, the first Arab and Sudanese woman to take charge of a men’s football team. So important is her achievement the BBC included her on their list of the 100 most inspirational women of 2015.

And, ahem, note the badge on her shirt. 🙂 Continue reading

Sergio & Cristiano Score At The Marca Awards

8 Feb

Satellite (1)Sese & Cris each took home an honor at the Marca Awards tonight. Continue reading

Like A (New) Boss & Some Regrettable Behavior

5 Jan

Satellite (3)It was all about the double ZZ today as Zizou helmed his first session as the boss. It coincided with the team’s annual open training so he got a lot of love from the fans and the squad. Continue reading

More On Coach Zizou’s Appointment

4 Jan

SatelliteOur new coach will hold his first press conference tomorrow for the media. Here’s a bit more about his appointment today. Continue reading

It’s Official: Rafa Out, Zizou In

4 Jan

355372-zinedine-zidane-pc-700After many breathless rumors with AS & Marca both reporting the coaching change, it’s finally official. The ‘Peez held a presser and Blanco legend Zizou takes over as coach. This was a long time coming. Still not sure why they hired Benitez in the first place, but as always, I try to be supportive of the team and the coach. I’m looking forward to seeing what Zizou can do. If nothing else, we know that we have the hottest coach in the universe. But I’d really much prefer that he’s hot AND we win. Now that Rafa is out, can we please ease up with the drama, Madrid?

– Lozil