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It’s Official: Fernando Hierro Replaces Zizou As Ancelotti’s Assistant

10 Jul

1995406_w21Holy crap, people! Head exploding time! One of our own, former captain Fernando Hierro, will replace Zizou (who will now coach Castilla) as the Mister’s assistant. Wonderful news. I’m getting excited about the season. I know we’re going to lose some people (which I’m sick about) but this is always the way. I’m happy to have a bright spot at the moment.

– Lozil

World Cup 2014: I Heart Coaches

22 Jun

Pic 1 World Cup CoachesThe pounding of the heart. The sweaty palms. The upset stomach. The drama of the World Cup. We love it and we gladly suffer through it every four years and long for the body wrecking drama as soon as it’s over. If we’re lucky, we are rewarded with excellent play, amazing goals and suspense until the final whistle. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Coaches: Hervé Renard

23 Mar

herve renardHervé is currently the coach of the Zambian National Team. He has previously managed SC Draguignan, Shanghai COSCO (Assistant), Cambridge United, AS Cherbourg, Angola and USM Alger.