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The Cup Is Dead, Long Live The Cup!

22 Apr

Imposter! I mean, “replica”

Sese the Cup Slayer really did kill the Copa Del Rey! It’s miraculous recovery wasn’t so miraculous after all.  The manufacturer said that a replica cup had been made and Real Madrid had it since 5:30 AM Thursday morning. Since the Cup met it’s demise at 4:15 AM, the replica must have been waiting in the wings (this is starting to sound like All About Eve, isn’t it?) The maker of the Cup also said “There is always a plan B for these cases.”  Wouldn’t it make sense to, you know, give the drunk dudes dancing in the pouring rain on an open top bus the replica and take care of the original one?! Just a thought. And how do you anticipate The Ramos? ::hums “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sergio Ramos?”:: PRIORITIES, CUP MAKERS! LEARN THEM!

And seriously, I need to know – what does the King think about all this?