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Updated: Mazel Tov: Calleti & Marta Get Hitched

20 Jun

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One of my fave couples tied the knot yesterday: Jose Callejon & his long time love, Marta Ponsati Romero.  Continue reading

And Now Marcelo Is Broken

30 May

Satellite (4)Today, for the second time this month, I found myself saying “JFC. You had ONE job, Atleti!” but what can you do? Congrats to Barca on their Copa Del Rey victory and to Arsenal for their FA Cup win. Meanwhile, back in Real Madrid Land, Marcelo is broken. Damn it. Continue reading

Mexico’s Problems Continue

28 Jun

Not a good year for the Mexican National Team. First there was the doping scandal (which didn’t stop them from winning the Gold Cup). Now, 8 players have been caught with hookers and sent home.
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