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Baloncesto Win Copa Del Rey!

23 Feb


I have much love for so many of our basketball players and Real Madrid is basically one big awesome family. Continue reading

UPDATED: En el Corazón de la Copa

10 May

Copa Del Rey 2014UPDATED: Hooray! They finally posted the video on YouTube so we can embed it after the jump! Seriously, people, RUN (do not walk) over to the mothership and watch the fantastic nearly hour long video En el Corazón de la Copa which shows our journey on the day of the final. It’s just fantastic. If you weren’t already ass over teakettle in love with this team, you will be after watching it. There are so many fantastic dorky moments.  Continue reading

Final Whistle Means Party Time a.k.a Drunk Xabi Time

19 Apr

I love that once the title is secured, we know exactly what to expect next….locker room dancing, heavily gif’d shenanigans (bless the giffers!), and DRUNK XABI. A win just wouldn’t be the same without the latter!

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18 Apr


We….did….IT!!!!! Faq, it feels good to have a trophy again, doesn’t it?? I still don’t think it’s sunk in for me yet. Not that I didn’t think the boys could do it, they just stir up a whirlwind of emotions & it takes time for me to process all the cray! And by cray I mean watching the celebrations, anticipating a Copa accident, and then being slightly disappointed that the thing made it out alive… But shit….now that we have one, let’s go for a fuckin’ clean sweep. The treble, boys, THE TREBLE!

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16 Apr

BlYguH1CEAANwArGood lord, I felt exactly the same as Edith did right here. Thank all that is holy for Gareth Bale and his extraordinary speed and determination (How many near misses did he have? Five? Sixth time’s the charm and holy crap, what a goal it was!) And also thank you for Angel and his tireless work ethic. My heroes! CAMPEONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO PROUD!

– Lozil

Baloncesto Champions, Preparing For The Footy Copa & A Party

9 Feb

_1AM4973ThumbFirst, a hearty mazel tov to the Real Madrid basketball team who beat Barca 77-76 for the Copa Del Rey championship when Sergio Lull scored a basket with 1/10 of a second to go. Holy crap! Continue reading