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Sami Returns To The Roster, A Cringeworthy Moment & A Trophy For Pipita, Calleti & Chori

3 May

Um, Sese, you should be talking to him about the beard not the hair.

First off, thanks for all the kind words. I’m doing okay today. Pretty achy but spent most of the day resting and sleeping. Staying off my feet helps. I have a cane now (thanks to San Shigs who brought that and a pizza ’round last night) so I’m going to try to hobble the two blocks to my local tomorrow to watch the match. We’ll see how that goes.  Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Senad Lulić

1 Jun

senad lulicLeft winger/back Senad plays for Lazio. He has represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the senior level since 2008. He’s a very popular guy right now after scoring the winning (and only) goal in the Coppa Italia vs. Roma this past weekend.