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Catching Up & Prepping For Betis

10 Mar

Got a bit of catching up to do here. After the Xabi news, I wasn’t much for posting yesterday. Sigh. Continue reading

Some Very Quick Bits & Bobs

29 May

I’ve had some real life stuff that I needed to focus on over the past few days, so apologies for the lack of posting. Here’s just a few goodies. First up, the Behind The Scenes video for the Red One/Real Madrid collaboration. Continue reading

Recovery Session & Corazon Classic Presentation

24 Apr

7The team held a recovery session today. The keepers trained outside while the starting field players from yesterday’s match trained inside. Cristiano and Fabio ran together outside for awhile before heading indoors. Casado, Mascarell and Willian José of Castilla joined the session on the pitch. (Training Video) Continue reading

Friday Training, Presser, Call Ups & Concentracion

19 Apr

Good lord, y’all have been busy in the comments section while I was in meetings all day! And may I say, you’re all a big bunch of perverts. Good for you! 😉 This is another quick and dirty as I have to zoom out of here in 20 minutes. Aiiiiieeeee!

The team had their last training (with Casemiro in tow again) before facing Betis tomorrow. Continue reading

Thursday Training, Corazon Classic, Another ICC Update and More Sese In Sevilla

18 Apr

Hey peeps, it was a hell of a long day and I’m only finally getting around to posting. Ugh. Can’t believe it’s nearly 10 PM. So here’s a quick and dirty catch up post (mea culpa!) Continue reading

Last Week Rewind

12 May


Watishista M asked for us to keep posting the RealMadridLife videos, so here is this week’s edition. There are lots & lotsa goodies in this one, coverage from the Granada match, the Alma Nadal & Corazon Classic previews, and the clinics hosted by the team. Many of our boys are featured speaking English (Rafa Nadal has improved so much!)…oh yeeeeah, enjoy it!