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Daniel Sturridge Goes Back To School

11 Apr

Been meaning to post this for a few days. Daniel surprised a bunch of Liverpool schoolkids with a visit. It’s absolutely adorable and one of the cutest things I’ve seen in ages. He’s fantastic with the kids too. You can’t help but smile watching.

– Lozil

Oh What A Good Girl Am I!

7 Mar

Because I was focused and made major progress on one of my final papers, I’m giving myself a little goodnight/sweet dreams treat. And what could invoke such pleasant slumber? The epic bromance of Mesut and Sami, that’s what. Enjoy this cute moment from their recent call up to Die Mannschaft. Nighty night.

“Tomorrow Party Of Champions”

22 Nov

Iker, looking absolutely adorable, posted this picture of himself drinking a warm Cola Cao last night. (And some cookies I see – would Dr. Hunger approve?). The Google Translate was as cute as the picture: “Few things as enjoyable as taking a Cola Cao warm before going to bed. Tomorrow Party of Champions. Young Goodnight… “  I meant to post this last night but conked 0ut before I could. I’m glad that I did because he posted some more pictures this morning including a mystery shot.
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