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The Daily Drool: Tomáš Vestenický

10 Jan

Forward Tomáš currently plays for Polish side Cracovia. (Not to be confused with Catalan football humor program Crackòvia!) He has represented Slovakia at the U16, U17, U19 and U21 levels.

Crackovia Mou

23 May

Crap! I meant to put this in the last post. It’s Mou on Crackovia and you can click for English subtitles.

– Lozil

With Love And Support From Crackovia

15 Mar

Those goofballs over at Crackovia did something really sweet, posting this get well soon video for Abidal. People are also using the hashtag #animsabidal to send him support. It’s really cool to see everyone sending him love and encouragement.

– Lozil

Crackovia Cristiano: Just Say No To Jealousy

21 Sep

Hilarious Catalan comedy spoof show Crackovia parodied the Cristiano “rich, beautiful and talented” comments and created a public service announcement. You gotta love Crackovia!