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Training For Granada, An Interview & An Exhibition

3 Feb

Satellite (1)The team continued their prep for Sunday’s match vs. Granada. Continue reading

Futbal Mini-Bang Round 4 Artist Claims Now Open!

19 Jul

We’ve had a great response with author sign ups and and we’re hoping for more of the same now that artist claims are ready for the staking! Head on over to futbal_minibang  and see what’s on offer.

– Lozil & kfunk22

Lace Up Your Boots, It’s Time for Round 4 of futbal_minibang! (Author Sign Ups Now Open!)

12 Jul

Round 4 of futbal_minibang has arrived and we hope you’ll join us! Read on for more details. Continue reading

Futbal Mini-Bang Round 3 Artist Claims Now Open!

25 Jan

ZrBra3zCalling all artists, mixers & creative types! Artist claims are now open. We’ve had an amazing turn out for authors and we hope to have the same for artists. Head on over and see the great fics on offer. And remember authors, you can also sign up to do art as well!

– Lozil & kfunk22

Get Ready All Footy Fic Writers, Artists, Mixers, Etc. – It’s Futbal Mini-Bang Round 3!

17 Jan

ZrBra3zJust in time to cure those winter blues, it’s Futbal Mini-Bang Round 3! If you’ve been feeling creative or just have the urge to read some good fic, we’ve got just the thing for you. Continue reading

Futbal MiniBang Round 2: Artist Sign-Ups Now Open!

7 Aug

ojKxHGXAs ever, my ass is late getting this up (So behind on…life… at this point). Anyhow, as you may remember from this post, Futbal MiniBang Round 2 has kicked off! The writers are hard at work and now it’s time for you creative types to get in on the fun.  Continue reading

Calling Amazing Women and Fans!

30 Jul

who-wins-the-womens-soccer-world-cup-21530055A request from mygypsyspirit:

I’m beginning work on a photo project involving awesome female fans and players of our beautiful game. My intention is to show the diversity and passion of females through the sport. I know we often feel neglected as fans. I’ve personally felt my loyalties, knowledge, and passion have been questioned. I’ve witnessed it with plenty of other other women (including a few of you). Continue reading

Mertesacker Emptiness

29 Jul

I posted this earlier today on my Facebook page and I’m still laughing hours later so I thought I’d share it with you all.

Replacing the lyrics of the Manic Street Preachers’ “Motorcycle Emptiness” (from 1992’s brilliant Generation Terrorists) with the names of German footballers is nothing short of genius. How on earth did this come about? Continue reading

Calling All Footy Fic Writers, Artists, Mixers, Etc. – It’s Futbal Mini-Bang Round 2: World Cup Edition!

19 Jul

3wrC7TsI’m now officially 2 days late getting this up, but it’s time for Futbal Mini-Bang 2! So put all those residual World Cup feels to use and get creative. Continue reading

The 2018 World Cup Push Is Already Starting…

14 Jul

FfBCPzaRussia has already released 11 posters representing the cities that will host the 2018 World Cup. These come via the Washington Post. I really like them.

When I was in Russia & Ukraine many years agoI bought a ton of posters – the artwork was so cool. I have some of them framed in storage. Hmmm, I should pull those out and hang them up one of these days.  Continue reading