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Hot For Teacher

31 May

c1Crispy is off on vacation in Saint-Tropez with his buddies hanging out on a yacht. As you do.  He took time out of his busy lounging schedule to teach the bros his famous goal celebration. Continue reading

Back At Home Training Continues, Modeling Ensues & Crisba Fangirling

10 Oct

Training continued yesterday for Marcelo, Arbeloa, Illara and Nacho back in Madrid while the internationals are still away. Continue reading

Get A Room Already! (Also: Training)

18 Feb
So do you think Gareth has asked him to the prom yet?

So, do you think Gareth has asked him to the prom yet?

I’m guessing yes.  G-Money just fangirls so incredibly hard, it’s pretty hilarious.  Bless. Continue reading

Back Home In The Bernabeu

24 Jan

Sisco love!

We’ve finally got a home game tomorrow after 4 away matches! The boys seemed in good spirits today. Everyone trained except for Sami. Sergio was spreadin’ the love everywhere. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale

31 Dec

tumblr_mtdpswKy8p1sj22zao1_1280Had to save this one for last! Crisba is the premier bromance on Real Madrid this year. Gareth is a tad…obsessed to the point where I’m afraid he might go all Single Orange Male on Cristiano. (I imagine this running through Gareth’s head whenever he looks at Cris). But out of this hero worship, we were given the great gift that is Gareth’s Secret Diary. I do love Crisba. It’s entertaining as hell to see Gareth fangirling harder than any of us ever could and he tries his best for his Crissy, so it all works out to our advantage. Stan on, young Bale! (The only person who might fangirl for CR7 harder is Remy Cabella. We should sign him and watch the cat fights begin!) Continue reading